Ditch the Diaper Bag! Essentials that Fit in Your Purse

When I was pregnant with Jackson, I scoured Pinterest and pinned over and over again all the things that I needed when I walked out of the house.  Type in diaper bag essentials and there are some pins with 25+ “necessities.” I saw that and then looked at the other posts with pared down versions and I was convinced I would be stuck in a store with a screaming babe if I followed those tips!  How could I possibly walk out my door without 3 different types of snacks, a pump, a blankie, and a cover for every surface your baby will never touch because they’re always in their car seat. Ugh… I was so naive!

Now I have Jackson AND Colton, ages 2.5 and 9 months.  And guess what?! I don’t even use my diaper bag anymore! Instead I bought a super cute camel-colored shoulder bag from Target and have it filled with true necessities.  It’s not sold online anymore but this and this and this look perfect!  I have flown with my two boys with just this bag on the plane, travel on our daily adventures with just this, and easily toss out the “diaper bag things” when I go out with the girls and use the same bag.  It’s sooo amazing!

So here we go! Here are the things I actually need in my purse!

3 Piece Cosmetic Bag from Target

I found these ADORABLE 3-piece travel size bags in the cosmetics section at our local Target.  They’ve changed the patterns over the months but sizes and looks are all the same.  Everytime I pass by them I can’t help but stop and oogle the adorable patterns they come out with!  Currently, they have these for $16.99, but spend a few more bucks and you get a $5 gift card when you spend $20!

In the largest bag: Size 4 diaper for Colton and a Size 5 diaper for Jackson, one onesie for Colton for…well, you know. 🙂

In the medium bag:  SNACKS!

I’m a huge lover of Plum Organics Stage 2 Baby Food Pouches!


They are a little over 4 oz. of organic fruits and veggies meaning it’s enough to fill Jackson’s belly up for a snack and it’s almost a full meal for Colton.  I throw 2 of those in the medium sized bag with a granola bar and I’m on my way!

In the small bag:  My first aid kit.

  • A few Cars band-aids that work as a bandage OR a “sticker” when I need to distract Jacks for a little bit when we are out. 🙂
  • A bulb syringe for my little noses
  • Travel size baby sunscreen – I love Tom’s because it’s long lasting and healthy for them
  • Nail clippers


I found this travel wipes dispenser on Amazon and LOVE IT!  It has an easy open to just restock your wipes whenever you need.  And it was made well enough that it’s lasted the beating it takes in my purse for over 6 months now! Woohoo!


Water Bottle

I carry around my CamelBak EVERYWHERE!  I try to drink three of these a day so I have to keep it close or I’ll forget and end up making horrible snack decisions because I’m thirsty and NOT hungry. And it’s great because both of my sweet boys drink from it so it’s an easy one to have handy when ANY of us are thirsty!


I think of that Luv’s commercial every time I see someone with a massive diaper bag spilling out everywhere. Sometimes we just need to save our backs and our sanity and stick to the basics!  What have you done to pare down your diaper bag?


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