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Today’s my birthday!! Ow ow!  I turned 33 today and I have to say, I’m at such a great place in my life.  I have so much to be thankful for.  And just like I do at each of my birthdays, I look back at who I am as a 32 year old and choose the areas I’m proud that I’ve become, and then the areas I’d like to work on at 33.  You don’t need a New Year or a birthday to do this, you just need a random Tuesday, but it’s always days like these where there is a true shift that I like to do a little reflection.  Call me a self-improvement nut, I guess! 🙂

Our house project at the moment is our guest bathroom in our basement.  My hubs ripped up the floor and we are replacing it with the wood style ceramic tiles, and then updating the fixtures.  Excited to share the before and after photos with you soon!!

Okay, just a little sneak peek. 🙂

Some other fun things I have coming are our family photos we just took last weekend (and what in the world to do with all of them!), and my sweet babe’s first birthday.  Say what?!  Colton turned 11 months this week and his first birthday plans are in full effect!  The party is planned for June 9th and I have some real cute ideas that I hope turn out just like I envision.  Always seem so easy in my mind. 🙂

Isn’t Kayla Alden so talented? How can she get shots like this with two squirrely boys?

The dress I’m wearing in these family photos is the first piece I’m obsessing over right now.  This cute Gap buy hits me in the perfect spot above the knee (I’m 5’2″ for reference).  It’s that not too short, not too long balance we fight with so much with dresses.  This is the perfect work piece and can so easily be dressed up with heels, cute date night dress with wedges, and an easy, breezy picnic dress with some adorable sandals like I wore in the photos.

product photo

I purchased my gladiator sandals from Aldo years ago but I found some others I’ve linked below that I’m loving right now.



Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve tried probably no less than 25 different shampoo and conditioner lines for my hair.  I have thin hair, but a lot of it.  I can style, put loads of product, and tease until I’m back in the 1980s, but my hair will be totally flat within 30 minutes.  Finding the right shampoo that cleans and moisturizes, and a conditioner that keeps my hair smooth with volume has been a tricky fine line.

But that’s exactly what OGX Renewing Argon Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner does for my hair.  And a huge bonus, it smells like an All-Inclusive Mexican resort for your hair. 🙂  The price tag doesn’t hurt, either!

Maybe it’s good sunset lighting in a beautiful location, but I’ll pretend my hair is always this shiny because of this shampoo and conditioner. 🙂

Cupshe Bathing Suit

Anyone else feel like Cupshe is an advertising pro on Pinterest?  Everytime I scroll through women’s fashion, I have some adorable bathing suits that are just my style pop up on my feed.  9 times out of 10, those adorable suits are from Cupshe.  And those prices!!  Amazing!  So I did it.  I purchased a suit from them and I am oh so in love with it.

And since I’m in no way, shape, or form going to take a bathing suit photo right now, here’s the gorgeous model wearing it. 🙂

Cupshe Lilies open Print One-piece Swimsuit


So I’ve come to the realization that huge, padded, super expensive Victoria Secret bras are not my thing anymore.  I’m seeing more and more bralettes pop up in stores and are they are the most adorable pieces! Why did I always think these were just for the juniors department?!  This one from Nordstrom’s is gorgeous and the detailing looks so cute peeking through a cute cami or tank.  It fits amazing and stays in place all day long.

Main Image - Free People Intimately FP Adella Longline Bralette

Straw Bag

I am really digging the new straw bag trend that is everywhere this spring.  There are some really adorable ones in every store that I could totally binge on!  And the great thing about this trend, I see some true staying power with this one.  They are such an easy, breezy bag with some serious durability.  Plus, they are always the perfect neutral to work with black, brown, or even your brightest colors.  One in particular I’m in love with is this cute Bamboo Clutch from Miuco.  This isn’t going to be one I tote around with the kids filled with all diaper bag things, but it will be with me on every date night I get!


Now I’m off to shop for more pretty things online without my hubby getting mad because…well, it’s my birthday, right? 🙂


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