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5 Day Detox Cleanse – All You Need to Jumpstart Your Body for Summer

Most of my cherished childhood memories have a backdrop of an amazing meal and loving conversation around our dining table.  It gives me all the happy feels thinking back on these celebrations and how much work my mom put into making those times so happy.  I grew up in a family that believes celebrations = food.  Birthday? We make your favorite meal with your favorite cake.  Wedding?  Let’s do an entire side of the reception filled with every kind of cookie out there.  Christmas? Let’s do the Dinner of Seven Fishes, Christmas breakfast, and a huge dinner with cookies upon cookies to “ball off on” as my Grandma would say.  Now that I think of it, maybe my family wasn’t about the meal, but more about the sweets that came with the meal. 😉

With all the summer celebrations starting with Mother’s Day, my birthday, the Royal Wedding (because let’s be honest, I celebrated like it was my own), Colton’s birthday, party, and now Father’s Day, my body is feeling weighed down and unhealthy.  We’ve had cakes and cookies, red meat, and processed food for weeks now and it’s time to reset.  It’s time to kickstart my body with a cleanse geared towards rejuvenation and restoration.  I need to fuel my body with nourishing foods that revive my system and give me the boost I need this summer.

This cleanse isn’t meant to be for weight loss, but more for a healthy reset button.  We have the 4th of July and back to school right around the corner.  Let’s get ourselves back in gear together!

Grocery Lists

Many of the meals I’ve chosen reuse several ingredients, and many are kitchen staples that you may already have in stock.  Snag the list and have fun shopping!

Day One Grocery List

Day Two Grocery List

Day Three Grocery List

Day Four Grocery List

Day Five Grocery List


Meal Plans

I’ll update the meal plans each day, starting with Day One on Monday and finishing with Day Five on Friday.  Nab your ingredients above and get ready for the recipes first thing each morning!

Day One Meal Plans

Day Two Meal Plans

Day Three Meal Plans

Day Four Meal Plans

Day Five Meal Plans

Additional Notes

  • Drink 100+ ounces of water each day.  Add natural sweeteners like fruit or mint for extra flavor.
  • Added sugar from alcohol can really alter your energy levels, sleep schedules, and overall mood.  Focus on your meals and skip the booze this week!
  • Take time for yourself and prioritize your sleep this week.  Focus on getting 8 hours of sleep each night to help your body recharge.
  • Sweat it out!  Work to get 45-60 minutes each day to get your heart rate elevated and your mind clear.

Looking forward to rejuvenating together with you!



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