Colton’s ONE! A Basketball Themed First Birthday Party

What a special day! My little love bug is turning ONE and we got to celebrate with family and friends this past weekend!  The weather was CRAZY hot here in KC (like feels like 105 degrees :0 ) so thank goodness we moved to a bigger house recently.  Plenty of room to be inside and not be standing on top of each other.

Colton is a kid that can have 43 toys set in front of him and he will flock to a ball every. single. time.  So we took that and ran with a basketball theme for the party, with a focus on orange and black colors (my high school colors! Go Bobcats!!). I went out and scoured Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, and searched up and down on Amazon, for adorable orange, black, and white pieces.

What I came up with made for a perfect basketball backdrop for such a sweet day!

(I ordered cookies from Icings By Ang in Olathe, KS.  NEVER disappoints!!)

I used one table as a showpiece for all of Colton’s one year memories.  This post goes into detail of what I collect and how to save those baby’s first year memories.  Huge hit with all my sentimental friends and family. 🙂

This little sweetie dove right in on his basketball cake I made for him.  Maybe a cake fan like his mama, eh?!  He’s got my eyes…and my sweet tooth. 🙂

Ohhhh, maybe both my boys are fans of sweets. 🙂

And of course I had to find some cute tees for each of us to wear.  The hubs just looovvved that idea. 🙂  Tees are from Amazon (Jerod, Jacks, Colton, and mine) and I had the design created on Etsy.

At the end of day, each kid got to take a basketball home as a thank you for coming over to play and celebrate.  I made the tags myself, but the basketballs came in a 15 pack from Amazon.

My sweet, sweet Colton officially turns one on June 14th and I’ll save the “How is this possible?!” and “Boo-hoos” for his one year old update post, so for now I’ll say it was a wonderful day with love, laughter, cake, and stained clothes. 🙂  Happy Birthday, baby boy!


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