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What I Love This Week

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s that time again to link up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer for a What’s Up Wednesday where we talk favorite things this month.  It’s going to be a scorcher today in KC so I hope you’re reading this poolside with a cocktail in one hand and your phone in the other. It’s afternoon somewhere, right? 🙂

What We’re Eating

I’m going to take you down two different roads here.  First road is going to end really well and make you feel awesome about yourself.  This road is called a 5 Day Summer Detox Cleanse.  It’s kind of a dark and ominous road that you don’t really want to go down, with way too many bumps, potholes, and maybe some dark corners, BUT you’ll end up oceanside with a lounge chair and a cocktail.

I just recently did a week of clean eating, taking out all processed foods and sweets from my diet for five days to kickstart my body for the remainder of summer.  I didn’t focus on the scale, but rather focused on how I felt, and I can tell you I saw a drastic difference in my overall well-being after the cleanse was done.  Might not be the most fun road to take, but it felt real good to take it!

So if you’re like, “Nah.” how about we venture down the fun road?  The road with booze. 🙂  Try out the drink I’ve been gushing over for the past few weeks.  Peach White Wine Slushies. O.M.G. So good and so, so refreshing!

What I’m Loving

This beach tote!  Adorable!! The pink pom poms and tassle just make this bag so feminine and cute, and get the most compliments! It’s a flat-bottom bag, so everything doesn’t get all jumbled up inside the bag (unless you have a toddler, then…good luck.) I also love that the bag has thick weaving so it doesn’t easily fray with extra use, and the color hides dirt and stains so well!  I highly recommend this cutie from Lulus, and for just $33, it’s a huge win!

What We’ve Been Up To

Jacks started soccer a couple weeks ago so I’m now two Saturday’s into “soccer momhood.” He’s on a 2-year old team, so you can imagine how adorable/chaotic those practices are. 🙂  I love watching him adventure out and take on these opportunities with such bravery and a smile.  Makes my heart sing for his courageous little heart.

Colton turned one this month and I’ve been watching little man take on the world more and more each day!  He’s starting to stand independently and can see his wheels turning over this whole ‘walking’ nonsense, but still chooses to crawl at Usain Bolt speeds instead.  He’s talking up a storm and is learning more each and everyday.  I forgot how much I love watching their minds figure out the world.

All my love for this little boy!

What I’m Working On

A full rundown of the huge Nordstom Anniversary Sale coming up in a couple weeks! The sale catalog was released on Monday and I’ve been working my way through it, and guyyyssss…it’s so good!  If you aren’t familiar with the #NSale, it’s an annual sale that runs a few weeks on NEW styles.  It’s not the typical clearance rack sales like most stores hold.  This one has amazing brands and adorable pieces with drastic markdowns.

The sale starts on July 12th for cardholders, and then on July 20th for non-cardholders.  If you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, I HIGHLY recommend you nab one over the coming days because most items and sizes sell out before the sale opens up to everyone else.  And the great thing is, you don’t actually need to use your credit card on your purchases.  You just have to own one!  Ahhh!!

So before the #NSale starts up this year, I’ll have a post going over some of my favorite pieces and deepest discounts for you, as well as frequently asked questions (mainly questions that I’ve always wondered and had to research myself!) and a guide to shopping the sale.

What I’m Excited About

How good this “OK to Wake!” alarm clock really works!  Jackson is such an early riser, and when he would wander into our room around 6ish each morning (including Saturdays, ya’ll!), I knew I had to make some changes.  I purchased this clock from Target and from day one, it’s been a huge success!

The clock shows orange when he is to stay in bed and rest, and turns to green when it’s okay for him to get out of bed.  Every morning he cheerfully comes out of his room saying, “It’s green, mama!  Time to play!!” We started this when he was just over 2.5 years old, and it took him two times to figure out the ground rules for the clock. He’s followed them ever since!

And guys, I think it’s completely changed his sleep patterns now, too.  He used to wake really early and jump out of bed.  Now he’s even sleeping in until about 5-10 minutes before the clock turns green.

I HIGHLY recommend this clock if you are struggling with an early riser.  It’s seriously worked like a charm!!

What I’m Reading

If you are raising a little boy, you have to nab this book from Amazon called Raising Kane.  One of my close girlfriends recommended this book to me after reading it for a master’s course, and I literally haven’t been able to put it down.  It dives into the mindset of boys and how society so easily forces boys into “manhood” well before they are emotionally ready to take that on.  It’s fascinating and truly a must read for all boy moms out there!

What I’m Listening To


I’ve discovered this singer named Anderson East and have had his Pandora station constantly blaring through my house.  Such a smooth voice and the easiest listening that has gotten me through cleaning my white kitchen tile floors (who made this decision and thought it was a good one?!?!) and maybe a few too many drinks on the deck. 🙂  Look him up and thank me later!

What I’m Wearing

I just posted my favorite collection of festive 4th of July outfit ideas and one piece I talked about was a blue hair scarf that I purchased from Madewell (currently sold out, but linked a cute red one!)  This adorable trend is my jam!  I may be a week, or five, past a fresh haircut and I tend to throw my hair up in a messy bun daily.  These hair scarves add the most darling touch to a messy updo, pony, or some beach waves.  Here are a few I’m really loving right now!

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

I’m getting my July calendar filled with plenty of 4th of July sale posts, #NSale favs, and some of my favorite recipes round-up for you.  Excited for what July has to offer Growing Up Kemper!


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