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Peach White Wine Slushies

Kansas City has been dealing with some scorchers these last few weeks, and ending my day with a glass of red wine just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Too hot for something so bold.  What I need when the kids get to bed and the day is winding down (or even maybe naptime? 🙂 ) is a glass of white wine.  Light, refreshing, and does the trick just like my favorite Cabernet.

One of my go to summer drinks is a peach white wine slushie.  This frozen gift from God is the perfect summer treat for any patio!  And the hardest part of making this is waiting for the peaches to freeze. 🙂  My kind of cocktail!


1 Bottle of your favorite white wine – I used Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

3-4 peaches, blanched, peeled, and sliced


  • Place peeled and sliced peaches in a layer on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer.  It takes about 30-40 minutes to fully freeze peaches.
  • Mix one bottle of white wine and frozen peaches in the blender.  Blend until smooth.
  • If mixture is too liquefied, place in a Tupperware container and freeze.  Stir every 30 minutes until the mixture is a slush consistency.
  • Serve in your cutest glasses with a few peach slices to class it up. 🙂

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