All About Colton – One Year Update

Today’s post is all about my little one on his first birthday! Colton came into our lives on June 14, 2017 and we haven’t had a rough day since.  I was convinced I would have a difficult child since Jacks was such an easy sleeper (CLUTCH!!) and a fairly easy going kid.  Ohhh…we had no idea what easy going even meant until C came along.

Colton is still a little love bug.  He loves to snuggle up on you and has a morning hug that could turn everyday the right way.  He grabs a hold and lays that little head down on your shoulder.  Honestly, you can feel the adoration just course through you!  Set C down, and you can be sure he’s going to keep an eye on you at all times. Don’t ever go too far, mama! 🙂

C is a boy that sits back and watches. I mean, watches HARD.  It’s like you can see him observing how something is done, processes it all in his head, and then BAM! he’s doing it himself.  Can we already peg him as a visual learner?!  Take crawling…he didn’t make a single forward movement and then one day started crawling across the room. 🙂  I can’t wait to see him take his first steps. Then just tear off running across the room. 🙂

I was devastated when he made the decision to stop taking bottles.  He was making himself sick because he would take down 8 oz. of formula and then crush a meal larger than my toddlers. My ped told me to try to sippy cup during the day and just do morning and nighttime bottles.  I was okay with that! Tried it day one, he loved it, and then refused to take a bottle AT ALL.  Arms out, turning head, refusing to take a bottle.  How could my 9 month old not take a bottle anymore? What about  my bedtime snuggles together?  But oh, my little love bug strikes again.  He still snuggles in my arm drinking his milk as we read books and throws himself on my chest to sing songs.  He is precious beyond belief. 🙂

And FEARLESS!  I think Colton is going to pull his brother out of his protective shell.  He dives into adventure, loves to try anything, and his favorite pastime seems to be tearing up the basement stairs, giggling the whole way up.  *Cue allll mama’s grey hairs**

I love this little boy and his adorable underbite.  He smiles and you see it across his entire face.  Every square inch lights up and you can’t help but smile, too.  When something makes you happy, keep smiling.  Don’t ever let this world dim you, my sweet Baby C.  You have something very special to share.  Happy Birthday, baby boy!

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