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Colton’s Nursery Reveal

I’m thrilled to be posting the before and after photos of sweet baby Colton’s room with you today! First, because that means we.are.done! Allelujah! Second, that means that there is no longer the atrocious pink walls, the jenky shelves on the wall, or the makeshift bookcases staring at me as I put my babe to sleep everyday. That room haunted me.  I was so ready to tackle it!

When we moved into our fixer upper, Colton was just a little over four months. That was just four short months of living in his nursery in our old house.  A room I absolutely adored.

I loved his chalkboard wall, the neutral and drastic colors, and just the homey feeling that room brought to you.  So imagine my frustration moving from this…

To this…

(Side note:  These are the previous owner’s belongings.  And yes…they did market their home like this. This is actually how it looked at our first showing!)

When we decided to really attack this room and get it ready for Colton, I was beyond ready! Headed out to buy paint and supplies to skim coat, and was ready to roll.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do, how it was to look, and what vibe I wanted to feel each time I walked in.

I wanted the room to have cool tones with an adventure theme.  This little boy is fearless, a born explorer.  I wanted it to match his personality.  He’s chill and laid-back with the occasional spunk and I wanted the colors here to mimic that.

So without further ado, may I present the first completed room in our house…Baby Colton’s room!


Bookcase: Home Goods // Piggy Bank: Baptism Gift from my sweet brother and SIL // Diffuser: Amazon

I couldn’t help myself sneaking a quick pic of C. He was just reading books at his bookshelf while I was snapping away around his room.  Have I ever mentioned how much of a doll he is?! 🙂

Changing Table: Thomasville Desk repurposed into changing table // Basket: Michaels // Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby // Pulls: Hobby Lobby // Milestone Stickers:  Etsy

Growth Chart: Made by Jerod’s aunt…isn’t she the most talented?! So lucky to have her!

Chair: Nebraska Furniture Mart // Blanket: Baby Gap

Art: Hobby Lobby // Curtains: Target

Mesh Crib Liner: Amazon // Crib: Amazon

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Horizon (OC-53) // Bottom Mountains: Valspar Crucible (4006-2B)  // Middle Mountains: Valspar Voyage (4006-1B)  // Top Mountains: Valspar Schoolboy Blue (4007-5B)

Bear Rug: Etsy

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