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What I Love Wednesday…with a twist!

I’m so excited to change up my What I Love Wednesday post to link up with three of my fav bloggers for a What’s Up Wednesday! This is such a fun link up with amazing bloggers to share just a little bit more about ourselves.  Thanks for the adorable idea Shay, Mel, and Shaeffer (and if you don’t follow them yet…do it now! Holy blog and life envy! :))

So here’s What’s Up on this Wednesday!!

What We’re Eating this Week

Today is such a rainy, dreary day in KC.  We are finally out of the “Is this going to turn into snow?!” phase, so I can take these days every once in awhile.  And if it means I don’t have to go out and water our garden, then sign me up for these days once a week please! 🙂  In my world, rainy day = comfort food.  So today we are doing this Skinny Taste Chicken Parmesan with lemon balsamic roasted zucchini.

YUM!!  The hubs AND the kids are obsessed with this meal.  And you all know how hard that feat can be!!

What I’m Reminiscing About

Colton turns ONE in June and I’ve just started really getting into planning his party.  When you get pregnant, you get inundated with people telling you to relish every moment because it goes so fast.  I had that typical, “Yeah, yeah..” reaction with Jackson.  Then it flew by!  I thought I was ready for it when I got pregnant with Colton.  Then guess what?! It’s going EVEN FASTER!!  How did this newborn baby get to be 10 months already?? I’ve been scrolling my Instagram feed and looking at all my beautiful pictures of this happiest boy a ton lately.

What I’m Loving

Every single minute I spend in Colton’s nursery!! I walk by his room and I get an instant smile over just how adorable his room turned out!

What We’ve Been Up To

This winter is finally coming to an end around here in the Midwest and we are living the windows cracked, door open, play outside until we crash time of the year. Yesterday reached almost 80 degrees so we spent all day at the park, home in our kiddie pool, and blowing bubbles all around the neighborhood.

What I’m Dreading

Can you really dread anything when the weather is 75 and sunny?!

What I’m Working On

I’ve been clocking in countless hours lately on Growing Up Kemper! I have so many ‘ah-ha’ moments as I keep learning, changing, and adapting my little blog child that I love so much.  Almost ready for my official launch date!! Adding it to my Instagram profile as we speak!

What I’m Excited About

Can I just say “see above” for this one!? I’m getting so excited for my official launch date of Growing Up Kemper!! To be able to tell all my friends about this part of my life and show them what I’ve been up to lately is so exciting for me!

What I’m Watching Right Now

Jerod and I are so close to being done with season 2 of The Crown on Netflix!

I didn’t think I would love this as much as I do.  Perfect mix of history and love stories.  And to be honest, everything in this generation of the Royal Family is kind of a surprise to me.  I’ll tell you everything you need to know about William and Kate, and Harry and Meghan, but I know so little about Queen Elizabeth.  It’s so fascinating to me!!

Now when we finish these last two episodes of The Crown, it’s time to get to the new season of the Handmaid’s Tale!! That show!! Ohhh myyy…!!!

What I’m Listening To

Jackson is so completely obsessed with all things trains, so naturally we listen to the Polar Express soundtrack on repeat.  Perfectly normal to listen to Christmas songs in April, right?

What I’m Wearing

I just got two new pieces that I’m so in love with, and it’s all thanks to fellow bloggers I follow!

These shorts will be worn ON REPEAT…

Thanks Shay!!

And then this adorable top from Loft thanks to Brittany over at Loverly Grey.

What I’m Doing This Weekend

80 degrees and sunny Saturday AND Sunday!! Can you tell I’m so excited for warm weather?  It’s time to get back out in the garden and plant my raspberry and strawberry plants, weed my beds, and get them ready for May planting.  And maybe play in the sprinklers while we’re at it! 🙂

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

END OF SCHOOL!! Woo hoo!! Bring on barefeet, sweaty faces, and long days by the pool with friends!


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