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1st Day of School Sign – Back to School Pictures

All over social media, I’m seeing adorable first day posts with big smiles and sentimental mamas.  School buses are everywhere and I’ve got to constantly remind myself about school zones, because…cops are gonna getcha! 🙂  My little one will start his Early Childhood Center the first week of August, but so many schools are starting before that.

This week I want to take some time to talk Back to School time and all that this means for mamas.  That means some fun recipes to make mornings not only memorable, but SIMPLE.  Lunches that can be packed with a clear conscious that you didn’t just go for the Lunchable. And the great deals that are filling our inboxes on clothing, backpacks, and school supplies.

But for today, let’s go back to those First Day of School photos and memories.  I can’t make your kid wear that precious outfit you handpicked after going store to store to find the perfect match, or smile AND look at the camera, but I can give you a simple keepsake that can be reused each year as you little one grows and changes.

**Cue the sniffles**

To get started, nab yourself:

Unfinished, oversized wood letter – purchased mine from Hobby Lobby but another great option linked!

Black chalkboard paint

Fine Tip Chalkboard Markers

My categories I chose were:

  • Name
  • Classroom (First Day of…)
  • Date
  • I Love…
  • I Am … (age)

But the possibilities are endless here!  Maybe add in a ‘What I Want to be When I Grow Up,’ ‘Favorite Subject,’ or a ‘I’m Most Excited For…’  Truly be as creative as you’d like to be!

To end the year, I just simply turned the sign over, spray painted it, and added the words, “LAST DAY!” on the back.  Maybe mama forgot to jazz it up more, but I ended up loving it anyway! 🙂

Good luck this Back to School Season!  Sending organized vibes to you all! 🙂

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