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How We Do…Back to School

I’m such a sucker for a festive start to anything new.  New Year’s Eve is my jam, I can whip up a themed breakfast for just about every occasion, and I live for Sunday’s to plan and plot the upcoming week.  Nothing gets this girl going more than a fresh start.  When it comes to Back to School time, I want to create an atmosphere and an energy that sends my little love bug off with a feeling of excitement, hope, and readiness for the new year.

Breakfast of Champions

To create that, I always want to start with a fun breakfast to sit down with and chat about our feelings for the day.  To get my guy to really sit still and talk with me, it has to be something yummy.  I like to go for a small stack of pancakes topped with strawberries.  It’s the same size as his pancakes he would normally have if we mushed them all together, but isn’t food that much better when it just looks a little different?! Jazz every meal up for this girl, please!

For this picture, I made banana pancakes with just three ingredients: 1 banana, 2 eggs, and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.  Big time favorite with the boys!

There are so many adorable breakfast ideas on Pinterest that I would love to attempt to make someday, but today’s not that day.  Maybe when my kids decide that 6am isn’t an acceptable hour to wake any longer, I’ll give these gems a shot. 🙂

Back to School Pencil Breakfast from The Joy of Boys

Wise Owl Fruity Toast from Daisies and Pie

School Supplies Surprise

When I was growing up, the morning of our first day, my dad would lay out all our new school supplies on our placemats at the table for us before we got up.  We used to love seeing all the cool supplies we had before sitting down for breakfast.  It was a little thing, and each of those supplies were totally stolen from his office, BUT it was a tradition that we still talk about to this day.  My little doesn’t need a full set of “school supplies” just yet, but this is something I would love to start with him when he enters into kindergarten in a few years.

Front Porch Pictures

You just have to get those precious photos of your littles before they rush off to the bus or the carpool lane.  We take ours on the front porch with our personalized Letter Sign for Back to School.  So easy to make and so easy to change each year.  I mean, just spray paint over it and you’re ready for the next!

Then it’s off to school together, listening to our very favorite songs (it’s always Polar Express guy. Always) to get us in the best mood and ready to take on the day.  Here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts, and the best year yet!

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