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What’s Up Wednesday {1.30.2019}

Happy end of January! You did it! Congratulations! 🙂 This month always seems to take forever while summer should get a speeding ticket, it goes by so fast. But we did it, everyone. Time for a recap of a great month and all the excitement that’s to come in February.

January, bye. : @linsanitytherebel #homedecor

It’s been awhile since I’ve teamed up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel to do a What’s Up Wednesday and share all the things I love, I’ve been doing, and looking forward to! Sip some coffee, snuggle in your blanket, and enjoy what’s been happening with Growing Up Kemper!

What We’re Eating This Week

We’re gearing up for a HUGE football weekend, and that means all things F-O-O-D. My Steelers didn’t make the playoffs this year, and those dear KC Chiefs lost to the raging Patriots (been there, done that, Chiefs.), so we don’t really have a dog in this fight. Makes for a much more relaxing game, I guess. That AFC Championship game had my heart rate up in some dangerous levels! So this weekend, I’m looking forward to sitting back, watching commercials, and eating more calories than I should in a week!

Here’s what’s on my Super Bowl menu this year!

Sweet Potato Chili Casserole – one of my very favorites!!
Pigskin in a Blanket – Courtesy of Lauren Miyashiro on Delish.com
Hawaiian Roll Sliders – Courtesy of Just a Pinch

What I’m Reminiscing About

How my boys are growing at lightning speed.

Colton has developed into this brilliant little guy that is learning his colors, singing songs, counting to 10, and becoming this amazing, funny little boy.

And Jacks blows me away every single day with his genuine heart. I’ve never known someone to have the ability to read situations and people so well. His empathy is through the roof and his kindness comes from deep in his soul. I am so lucky God trusted me with him.

Last weekend, all of us went to this local spot called Jump City, a massive space filled with the largest bounce castles you’d ever imagine. We’re talking obstacle course bounce houses, slides 15 feet high, Princess villages, the works. The kids absolutely adore going to Jump City because it’s never busy and they get to basically run the joint.

Right when you walk in, there is this Garfield car that you pay $.75 and it rides up and down for about 30 seconds (total ripoff 🙂 ). For some reason, my two boys gravitate towards this thing EVERY. TIME. I snapped some pictures and later I had some of Jacks sitting in that same car at just 14 months old. Love seeing how they grow!

Didn’t get the smiles, but I loved this because you can see that same little expression on their faces. 🙂

What I’m Loving

This. Kitchen! 🙂

I just posted a full before and after on our newly remodeled kitchen, filled with all the details on fixtures used and design decisions I made. This was a passion project of mine. So much time and effort was put into every single decision and every fixture. Remodeling a space is hard regardless of the size, but the results can be life changing. We have a heart of our home now that memories are being made daily and I am so thankful for the ability to do what we were able to do. Go check out my dream kitchen reveal and see why I’m loving it so much!

What We’ve Been Up To

Getting through these cold snaps the best way we know how: cozy moments in our home and little house projects. 🙂 This is the time of the year to slow down, regroup from the holidays, and spend moments together enjoying the calm. We’re not in any hurry to do much of anything and I find that we are making the greatest memories doing absolutely nothing.

If you’re looking for something to help get you through these cold days, check out some of my favorite toddler board games! Every one is a HUGE favorite with my boys and they keep us engaged and entertained through even the most stir crazy times!

My little side project I have going during naptime is our basement. Yikes. The yellow/cream walls, the popcorn ceilings, the dinge. Spending so much time down there with the boys, staring at the ugly has really motivated me to start tacking this space! It’s all about organization, painting the walls, and rearranging so we have a space for everyone. Excited to share my before and afters soon!

In the meantime, one aspect I wanted to bring in was a superhero space. I love what a superhero represents so when my brother and sister-in-law gave Jacks these precious Superhero capes and masks for his birthday last year, I wanted a great space to display them when they weren’t being played with. Headed off to Hobby Lobby and in 20 minutes, I’ve got this adorable space to hang our capes!

Superhero Capes and Masks – Amazon
HERO Sign – Hobby Lobby
Batman, Superman, and The Flash Canvas – Hobby Lobby (currently sold out) BUT
I love THESE canvas prints from Amazon and THESE vintage posters from Etsy

What I’m Working On

I’ve got some great ideas coming to you soon! With two rooms almost completely empty on our main floor, I’ve been working on posts about the rugs I’m buying, all the plants I’m loving for bright and dark areas of your home, a playroom remodel, an expensive mudroom space, and plenty of decor items I’m DIYing. Stay tuned! I’m really excited with what’s to come on GrowingUpKemper.com!

What I’m Reading

I just nabbed a book from Amazon based on the great reviews from Reese and Shay…because who better to recommend books than my two favorite readers?! 🙂 Coming to my doorstep Thursday: The Last Mrs. Parrish.

So excited to share my thoughts on this soon!

A lot of good movies are coming out based on some really awesome books. Check out my list of the 23 Books Being Made Into Movies to read them before they hit the big screen!

What I’m Listening To

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the Anderson East playlist on Pandora is the BEST playlist to listen to! We’re talking Ray LaMontagne, Anderson East, Van Morrison, Amos Lee, and Christ Stapleton. The most laid-back, chill, casual background music to fill your house. So, so good guys!

What I’m Wearing

With so many house projects going on, my outfits are mostly covered in patch splotches so I’ll spare you those gems. 🙂 But I’m here to share with you two pairs of shoes that I get compliments EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. WEAR. THEM. Not an exaggeration at all, guys. I get asked where I got them every time I put them on, and I love to see the reaction when they find out what store they came from. 🙂

Ready for it? They’re from PAYLESS!! Can you believe that? The closest dupe to the cutest Steve Madden wedges that I love so much!

Black Cece Hidden Wedge – $35

Women’s Fur Cece Hidden Wedge – on sale for $24!!

Plus, they have a deal going where shoes are BOGO 50% off and free shipping $25+. Not a bad deal for two cuties!!

What I’m Doing This Weekend

It’s going to be in the 50s in KC this weekend so bring on all the outdoor fun while it lasts!! Winter park dates, walks around the neighborhood, playing with friends, and then eating our body weight in Super Bowl food!! 🙂

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month

It’s February! A short month with spring right around the corner, all the love with Valentine’s Day, and even a day off in the middle where Jerod will be home just a little longer!

Looking for a little Valentine’s decor? Check out my front door to give you a little motivation and how adorable is this free printable from The Craft Patch?!

Threshold Basket – Target (sold out online so nab it in store if you see it!!)
Stuffed Hearts and winter stems – Michaels
Valentines Day Pictures

That’s it for this edition of What’s Up Wednesday! See you back here tomorrow!

xo Rachel

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