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Basement Guest Room Refresh

On my last What’s Up Wednesday post, I shared that I had family coming in town and before they made it, I wanted to refresh my basement guest room to make it just a little more homey for them. I didn’t love the paint color, the bedding what pretty plain, and the curtains didn’t even reach the floor. 🤨

So I attacked this space with a little paint and armed with some decor ideas that luckily, came to fruition easily with Home Goods and Target. And who would have thought, I’ve got bigger plans for this space that I’m excited to tackle in the coming months. 🙂 A great DIY to improve those hallow doors and a massive fix for those awful drop ceiling tiles.

But in the meantime, here’s a rundown of this week’s Basement Guest Room Refresh!

So where did we start?

Before we moved in, this bedroom was home to a teenage boy. Ugh… Just the grossest of all humankind, right? 😉 (I joke that our house is going to smell like a locker room in 10 years…ew.)

After moving in, I painted the space a moody blue/grey color and it instantly improved the space. Made it a touch more cozy and more of a true guest bedroom. I liked how it changed the basement playroom space, but I never really loved how it looked in the bedroom.

All hero decor linked HERE!

So this week, I pulled out my paint brush and rollers and went to work brightening the space with Sherwin William’s Alabaster (the same color we used in Mya’s nursery).

As I was working through the space and making small improvements, I pried….yes, PRIED…a “This is my Office” sign off the bedroom door, only to find out there was a huge hole in the door. Really? Now we had a plain hallow door…with a hole in it. I don’t want to fully replace these doors because now we’re talking about a $500 improvement that I’m not willing to spend. (This is where my DIY is coming in the next few weeks!) To improve these doors in the meantime, I patched the hole and then chose a light and bright Sea Salt Blue by Valspar to paint the doors.

To rid the space of the brass hardware, I took off the hinges and spray painted them a Matte Black and returned them back to the doors. For the door handles, I ventured over to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and found these great matte black door handles. The bedroom door handle was just $15 and the closet handles were just $1 each!! If I would’ve purchased those in a big box store, this would have run me closer to $100 or even $125. If you have a ReStore close to you, GO! It saves you an incredible amount of money on your projects and most purchases I make are brand new products and in their original boxes.

As for the decor, I wanted to add to the creamy white walls with touches of light blue and yellows mixed with the greenery of plants. To make all my decor dreams come true, I headed out to Home Goods and snagged the Rachel Zoe quilt in light blues and beige and the accent blanket in a rich yellow.

The sheets I have on the bed are my all-time most comfortable sheets that I try and tell EVERYONE about. Mellanni 1800 Thread Count Brushed Microfiber Sheets in white. How about 83,000 reviews on Amazon for these sheets. 83 THOUSAND! They’re the most comfortable sheets I’ve ever slept on and for a price tag under $25 for a queen set…unreal. And to add to them, I’ve slept with these sheets for almost a year now, washing them once a week, and they show zero signs of wear and tear. Extremely durable!

I found the subtle yellow checkered curtains at Target, as well as the 6″ textured hanging pot that I secured to the ceiling. All other decor pieces were older that I’ve reused throughout the house for some time now.

My family is here and gone already. Four days meeting Mya, spending lazy days catching up and telling stories, and sleeping in a much homier space thanks to a quick room makeover! 🙂

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