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Our Easter Weekend!

Easter is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me with how much I really do love it. You get the magic of the Easter Bunny and the surprise of the morning with kids, teamed up with the ability to take the day slow. Slower than the stress and hustle of Christmas morning, trying to get everyone and everything in just one day. I loved our Easter Sunday and all our fun this weekend starting with Good Friday and all the way through Sunday.

Washable paints – Michael’s

Friday was a little bit rainy and cooler in the morning, so we busted out our Target Dollar Aisle finds and made some crafts together that the kids just loved. Rewind 6 months ago, Jackson would have painted for about 3.2 seconds and then lost interest. Now…he wouldn’t stop until that entire bunny was covered. If you get frustrated in the time it takes to prepare for crafts, and subsequently, the lack of interest from your kids, just give it a few months. ANYTHING can happen!

Started off so neat and clean, right? 🙂

Notice how C looks during the next craft!! 😜

It’s always been a family tradition to get my mother-in-law Easter flowers when we get to her house in the afternoon on Sunday. The past two years, the boys have also made her cards to go with the flowers. I found this adorable and easy craft the kids really enjoyed doing on Pinterest. Check out my Easter Pinterest board to see some other great ideas!

To make these cards, I took a piece of cardstock and cut it in the shape of an egg. Then we took strips of Washi tape and the boys taped the strips down on the egg in whatever way they’d like, making a design. Jackson went with stripes, Colton with more diagonal zig zags. Once they liked the design they made, we took out our sidewalk chalk and with a small cup of water, dipped each piece of chalk in the water and colored our eggs. After covering the egg in all the colors they could dream up, we took the tape off the egg and let it dry.

Marble Egg Decorating Kit – Amazon

Saturday was absolutely beautiful here in KC so we took our Easter egg decorating outside. Always the best idea in the end, right? So little to clean up!

I found an egg dying kit that was a “Marble” look, where the kids could dunk the eggs in a mixture of water, vinegar, and vegetable oil. It gave the eggs a marbled look, AND allowed them to dunk them in multiple colors to give a really great multi-colored marbled look. Since dunking them is the favorite part, and this prevented the eggs from all turning a dark green/brown by the end, I’m going to nab these each and every year!

Of course you’d do that, C. 🙂

Jerod’s family has always set out their shoes the night before Easter and the Easter bunny fills their shoes with candy and treats. 🤷‍♀️ I tried to Google the meaning behind the tradition, and I found absolutely NOTHING! 🙂 Lots having to do with Christmas traditions. None with Easter. We still do our baskets, but the kids have a ball putting out shoes, too. We play along because it’s tradition, but I have zero explanation for you, boys. 🙂

And of course Jerod puts out his biggest shoes in the house. 🙂

All ready for bed with our baskets, treats for the bunny, and…shoes. 🙂


And gave us a full sugar rush before 8am! 🙂

Those 3 lollipop in his mouth could have been the reason he needed to take a break from Easter Mass that morning. 🙂

And we finished the day off to my in-laws house where we had a beautiful dinner, time with family, and a massive Easter Egg hunt on their property. Within the last years, they built their dream home on a large plot of land outside their town. Trails, trees, and plenty of space to run. Their house is one of our boy’s favorite places to be!

Here’s to a fun and fabulous Easter weekend, and many days this week to recover and hide all the Easter candy. 🙂


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