Easter 2020

Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s Easter? My social media was a little slower than normal with people staying home and not doing huge outdoor Easter egg hunts with all their friends and family like year’s past. It was a much simpler year for everyone. I have to say, though, I loved how many people put on their Easter best and still had gorgeous family photos. Dresses and button-up shirts? Way to go, everybody! 🙂

Before I get into the 3,000 pictures from Easter weekend, I have to reflect with you. I was watching Good Friday mass streamed right to my livingroom on, and I realized how vital it was that COVID-19 struck us during the Lenten season. I truly believe in my heart that there was a reason why it happened over the Easter.

Easter is about hope. About the pure love and sacrifice to bring hope to the world. We have the hope of Jesus. We have hope with the fulfillment of His promises. And we are surrounded by the new life and the hope that is brought to us in the spring season.

This is an unprecedented time. A difficult time. But let us look with hope.

And sweet baby faces…:)

I joked on my Instagram post that my kids can nail the solo pictures, but bomb the group pictures every.single.time. Then I look ridiculous in the photos because I’m working hard to just get them to all smile at the same time. That motherhood life. 🙂

We started the weekend off dyeing Easter eggs, and then spent a few more hours scrubbing all the dye off little fingers…

So the spoons were to…? Apparently just hold in your hand…

And your mouth, Colt? How? Why? 🙂

Saturday was a gorgeous day, and knowing how crummy Sunday’s weather was going to be, we spent every moment possible outside enjoying the day. And that includes this little beauty in her shades…

Before we headed off to bed on Satuday, we had to get everything set out for the ‘ol E.B. I grew up with just laying out our Easter baskets the night before. Jerod’s family leaves out their shoes to be filled. I think I asked this question last year, but again…does anyone know the tradition behind this? Even when I Google it…nothing. Bupkis.

The boys decided we just had to leave some carrots and water for the Easter Bunny, and I’m not going to argue with that thoughtfulness!

Easter morning was so full of magic with the little ones. Jackson could barely contain himself when his eyes popped open at 6:30 and he knew he couldn’t come downstairs yet. For the next hour, Jacks was “doing his exercise” and was literally doing a shuttle run in his room. 😄

The Easter Bunny treated us so well this year. Candy in shoes, new coat, new shoes, kites, water balloons, bubbles, and Thomas galore. Mya got her new chair. And even Jerod and I got some new running shoes. To get the full rundown of what we got in our Easter baskets, check out my post here!

Suckers before 8am? Sure. 🤷‍♀️

The weather wasn’t great here on Easter. It rained the night before so our grass was wet and muddy, and the high started in the morning and just crashed lower and lower throughout the day. We didn’t want to mess with outside, so we kept the egg hunt inside this year. I read a story from someone who put their eggs outside and 30 minutes later, their girls had found two slugs inside one of their eggs. No. Thank. You.

How else would one hunt for eggs? 🙂

Not saying my kids have staying power, but our last eggs were found on Tuesday…

Before my kids completely crashed from the morning, I made two separate breakfasts. Sausage and Cornbread Casserole for Jerod and I…

And some pancake bunnies for the boys…

I saw the bunnies done with waffles and saved it on my Easter Pinterest board if anyone is interested in seeing a little better version of what I did. 🙂

The rest of the day was full of worship together on the couch, a quick walk as a family before the cold set in, and a big holiday lunch together.

All very traditional with my Honey Baked Ham Knock-off Recipe, cheesy potatoes, deviled eggs, creamed corn, and rolls. Plus maybe an afternoon cocktail for Jerod and I. Sometimes you just have to celebrate making it to quiet time on these days. 🙂

It was a good day. A day of simple and a day of love. I truly counted my blessings this Easter. We had each other. We had our health. And we had hope because of Him. I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday, everyone!

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