What’s in Our Easter Baskets

Happy Wednesday and Happy Holy Week! I hope you’re staying safe, staying home, and taking a little time for yourself. We’ve been attempting school every day, getting outside as much as possible, and really pushing our limits on Zoom/FaceTime meetings. Jerod and I laugh that our nights are busier now when we can’t go anywhere than they ever were before. We almost never had weeknight plans “before.” Now? Almost every night we have something. Look at us go! 🙂

On Sunday, things will look a whole lot different than all our previous Easter Sundays, just like most things in life right now. Typically, we spend the morning at our house seeing what the Easter Bunny brought us, finding our eggs around the house, and then going to Mass together as a family. Then we head to my mother-in-law’s house to spend the remainder of the day with Jerod’s family. To keep everyone safe, we are no longer traveling to their house, and spending the day at home instead. No dressing up in our Easter best to go to church and no big family gathering. The kids won’t know the difference, but the change will be felt with Jerod and I.

Thank goodness for the Easter Bunny, right? He’ll still make his appearance and the kids will think it’s the greatest day ever! 🙂

So today I’m showing you just what the kids are getting in their Easter baskets this year. And if you’re still searching for ideas, 99% of our presents are from Target and most are in stock at your local store. It’s not too late! Snag it in your cart while you’re getting your groceries or put in your order and pick-up through the drive-up.

Jackson and Colton’s Basket

(4 and 2 Year Old Boys)

Jacket // Target

Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons // Target

Kite // Target

Sunglasses // Target

Puzzle Book // Target

Bubble Machine // Amazon

Bubbles // Target

Mya’s Basket (3 Month Old Girl)

Bunny Chair // Target

Peekaboo Book // Target

Teether // Target

And just add buckets of candy along with the presents, too. Well…at least however many buckets haven’t been eaten by mom and dad first. 😉

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