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Baby Girl’s Nursery Lighting

I’m not one to just do a post on one thing. Just one product that I’m in love with. But when it really comes down to it, I have been so excited about this light that I found for our Baby Kemper #3’s nursery that this post has basically been written for four months just waiting for it to be installed.

With the ceiling being completed over the weekend (all the details coming this week!!), I made sure Jerod got RIGHT ON getting this light put up so I could finally see it in all its glory. And I’m so not disappointed! Maybe even more in love because I didn’t realize how big it was really going to be. No small flush mount light. It was worth every single penny!

So without further ado…Baby Kemper’s nursery light! 🤍 **Update: Sold out online (check in stores!) but very similar one sold HERE!**

I eyed the Capiz Petal Flush Mount Ceiling Light from World Market months ago and was impatiently waiting for it to be marked down during their Friends and Family Sale in October ever since.

It was the perfect mix of soft cream and flowers, metal and capiz shells. It’s feminine without being too girly, and it’s not so nursery looking that we can’t keep it up for all Baby Girl’s years in this room.

Measuring just north of 18″ diameter, this isn’t a small flush mount light. It lights an entire room, while also acting as a major artistic piece in a space. From ceiling to bottom of the fixture, it is just shy of 11″ making it a sizable light for only $149!

**And with Black Friday weeks away, you better believe there is going to be a deal on this light right around the corner! Currently, World Market is running their buy more, save more event where you can get AT LEAST 15% off plus free shipping**

And this Capiz Petal Flush Mount Light turned on at night? This design that it leaves on the ceiling just makes my heart so happy.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Baby Kemper’s nursery is days from being finished and I can’t wait to share the final result with you soon! But for now, let me just sit in this cute little space and enjoy this light a little longer. 🙂


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