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Baby Girl’s Reading Nook

For a few months now, we’ve had a little 4′ flocked Christmas tree in the corner of Mya’s room that brought the most magical ambiance to the space. There’s really nothing quite like Christmas lights to make a soft warm glow to a room! But as January ticked on and it became more of an embarrassment to have a Christmas tree glow in every window, I wanted to find something new to fill that space and give it a warm feel that we all came to love….without the need for a “year-round” Christmas tree.

That’s when I came across this beautiful white, lace canopy on Amazon and knew it was exactly the magical piece that we could enjoy now and for years to come in Mya’s room.

A little space to cozy up under with warm twinkle lights and fluffy pillows and blankets. A cute retreat to read books together, talk together, draw and play. One that we could enjoy now and through her middle school…and maybe even high school years if she is anything like me.

And let’s be real for a second, the boys have loved it just as much as Mya has. Any given moment, I find them playing inside her canopy with their stuffed animals.

Circle Baby Mat // Soft Pink Heart Pillow

With a quick Amazon search of canopies, you find page after page of options all priced relatively the same. It is the details of this lace canopy, the quality of materials, and the great reviews that made this pick stand out to me.

And I was NOT disappointed!

The lace detail is delicate-looking, but is incredibly substantial to stand up to the test of time. It’s thick threading that is going to withstand pulls, stretching, being sat on, and just the overall roughness that kids can bring to…well, anything.

The overall canopy material is a cotton-chiffon blend that makes it high quality, resilient and hangs just beautifully. This canopy came folded in a plastic envelope and boxed in an Amazon box, but when I took it out, it showed very few wrinkles, regardless of how it was packaged. After hanging it in her room, the wrinkles were gone within a day. If you’ve been here long, you know I keep a tight ship in this house. I like things clean. I like things to look good. I like quality. I am thrilled that the material of this canopy allows for a wrinkle-free look. No mess hanging in the corner, no extra work to make it look good, or the need for a constant steam to release the wrinkles. They fell out and it looks beautiful.

It’s also a sturdier material than other canopies on the market, which keeps my worry at bay that this will quickly rip with the wear and tear of toddlers. I would even feel confident washing this in cold water and letting it air dry if stains became an issue.

Heart Romper

To install, Jerod just pre-drilled a hole into a stud in our ceiling (or you could use an anchor if a stud isn’t available in the space you’re looking), and then screwed this adorable white hook I found on Amazon ($6!!) into the hole. The canopy comes with a large adhesive circle with an attached hook that you can just stick right to your ceiling and tie the long ties to, which is what most of the reviewers have done, but I liked the look of adding the inexpensive hook. It gave off a more finished appearance for not a lot of money.

The actual canopy is about 90″ long so in Mya’s room, I left the ties pretty long off the hook so it would drape beautifully beside her curtains. A blissful, fairy tale look in the corner of her room. ❤

Inside, I knew I wanted to add twinkle lights, but how do you hide the battery packs?! They always seem so bulky with the thin, dainty fairy lights, so I came up with a quick solution to hide the packs and add a little character to the inside…


I bought six pieces of this green locust bush off Michael’s from their new spring floral and threaded it through the white ties inside the canopy. A quick (and cheap!) way to add a little something extra to the canopy and hide the bulky battery packs of the fairy lights.

I’m thrilled with this beautiful canopy that adds just the right among of whimsy and imagination to the corner of her room. OldPAPA canopy, you made Mya’s room just perfect.

xx Rachel

**Any additional nursery details can be found in Mya’s Nursery Reveal, Beadboard Ceiling, Lighting, and Nursery closet posts**

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