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Baby #3’s Nursery Closet

I had my last doctor’s appointment last week and my doctor tells me that I have one more monthly appointment, and then it’s time to start coming every two weeks. Wait, what?! That can’t be right! I’m still in my early second trimester, right? Nowhere near hitting the stage of being huge, tired, sweaty, and all things third trimester.

So I hit my calendar, did the math, and look at that…she was right. I’m 24.5 weeks. Only two sweet weeks left of my second trimester. It’s time that I get my buns moving on getting sweet Baby #3’s nursery ready and preparing my home, my mind, and my life for December!

I’ve already finished my big focus wall in her nursery that I’ll share a tutorial on soon, but I’m so excited to share her cute little closet design first.

I chose to paint her room Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008). A gentle, creamy white that is the perfect warmth of a neutral without any of the harshness of a white. The accents I’ve focused on are blush pinks and gold accents. So as I was planning her closet remodel, I really focused on making these colors pop against the neutral wall color.

I found these darling watercolor polka dot decals on and ordered two sets immediately! If you haven’t seen their site yet, you may rethink splurging on wallpaper and go the decal route instead. They are so cute, trendy, EASY, and REMOVABLE!!

The package came in about 1.5 weeks and were just sheets of wax paper with four decals on each sheet. Each had varying shades of pinks and blushes, some lighter and some darker. You just peel and stick the decals wherever you’d like on your wall.

In my case, I wanted a polka dot look that didn’t look too orderly. I just focused more on keeping the colors different as I moved around the space. Keeping the light and the dark separate, but not intentional.

To do the entire closet…13 minutes! And part of that was me finally giving in to the fact that I needed to get a chair because I’m too short to keep reaching up above the shelf. 🙂

I did have to take a decal off and move it because I put it way too close to another and they peeled off easily at first. Nothing immediately permanent about these all you control freaks! 🙂 The directions on the decals do explain that heating the decals with something like a hair dryer will loosen the adhesive and you can easily peel the decals off the wall if you decide later you’re ready to move them, change up the space, or you just grow tired of them. Nothing that will cause you headaches like wallpaper can.

All the other touches I made in this space were with spray paint. I didn’t like the basic wood rod, or the white rack that was already installed. So I nabbed some leftover spray paint from this Fall Wreath DIY and got to spraying.

More and more bows to come, I promise! 💜

The space is small and simple and I’m so excited how it packs a little bit of a punch with the Watercolor decals. Now to get the dresser and crib assembled, the light changed, and decorations purchased. Just a few more details, right? 🙂


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