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Hot Wheels Car Valentine’s

Valentine’s parties are this week and that means two things: enough sugar to put down afull-sized rhino and sweet Valentine’s cards for friends.

When you venture down the Valentine’s Day aisles at your grocery store, the pre-made boxes of Valentine’s just never seem to meet Jackson’s interests. Emojis still aren’t a thing for him. He’s never seen Minecraft. Super heroes are cool, but he doesn’t know ALL the characters yet. Nothing ever stands out for him and makes him excited to pass out.

I still remember the excitement of making my Valentine boxes, picking out something that I really, really loved, and passing them out so excitedly to all my friends. It’s such a short time of our kid’s lives, so why settle? I wanted to find something that Jacks loved, too.

Last year, we did a “I Choo-Choose You Valentine” cards for his preschool friends and they were a huge hit. He was so excited to pass them out!

This year we are so excited to put together a simple I Wheel-y Like You Hot Wheels Car Valentine’s from Sara Luke Creative.

This FREE PRINTABLE folds right over and is stapled to a Hot Wheels car box and passed out to friends or assembled like I did for Jackson’s Valentine’s this year, with a little goody bag of a car and candy.

I purchased these small, clear gift bags from my local Target to store the car and candy inside, but sandwich bags would be just as effective.

Fill it, fold the bags, staple on the Wheel-y Like You tag and you’re done!

The bonus: Hot Wheels cars are still priced at $1/car so this is such an inexpensive treat for his class! Win-win-win-wins all around!

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