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March 2020 Book Reviews

Anyone else? 🙂

I’ll give this quarantine one thing…the memes are just so fantastic! Way too much time has been wasted the last three weeks scrolling my phone laughing at these. Sorry kids, lunch is coming. 😉

And maybe that waste of time was why I only read two books this past month. Maybe it was because I watched more news this past month. Or maybe it was because I was just struggling to adjust to the new normal of Jerod home, no more school, and nowhere to go. Maybe I’ll chalk it up to all three.

Regardless of the reason, I just read two books in the month of March. One I LOVED and I was can totally be summed up as “cute.” 🙂

Regretting You

I started the month off reading Colleen Hoover’s Regretting You. Hoover, the bestselling author of It Ends With Us writes about the relationship of a mother and teenage daughter after a tragedy. How they each individually deal with the tragedy, as well as the secrets they try to spare one another, and how they try to make it through. Each chapter was told by the different perspective and how they see how events unfold and handle them.

This was a really cute story! One that scares me a little about the teenage years with Mya, but overall a really cute story. 🙂 You root for the mother/daughter duo the entire book, and each chapter you just want them to work through their misunderstandings. You’re rooting for their relationship and want nothing more than for them to just listen to each other because you know they’ll be stronger together. A little reminder of being open and communicating, putting yourselves in another one’s shoes, and the power of family. An easy, quick read that I really liked!


For as big of a Michelle Obama fan as I am, I can’t believe it took me this long to finally read her book, Becoming. I LOVED this book. She’s such a powerful storyteller and really took me along with her as she shared how and where she grew up, the expectations from her parents (and herself), who she was before meeting Barack, and the struggles she dealt with in her life (race, pregnancy, motherhood). I find Michelle so powerful, so strong, so sure of herself. It was welcome to read about her insecurities and how she dealt with them. And she really hit two major concepts. One, what it’s like to be the only…(insert here: race, ethnicity, gender, education, language, religion)…in the room. Two, what it’s like to be married to someone who is so sure of their role in this world while you are struggling to find out who you are yourself.

It was a refreshing read and one that I found myself highlighting and re-reading multiple lines. I loved her messages and I loved how she broke down some hard parts of life (finding yourself, being a mother, being a wife) and shared her genuine wisdom on the topics. Yeah, I really, really LOVED this one!

Devotionals and Bible Study

I’m still starting my mornings and spending a little bit of naptime reading my devotionals and following along a Lenten Bible study. Interested in a new one? Check out my January Book Review and February Book Review for what I’m reading now!

I‘m already excited for April’s book review because I’m halfway through a real page-turner right now and two more in my basket that I’m dying to read! April is going to be a good one!

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