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Colton’s THREE!

My baby boy turns 3 on Sunday and that little firecracker is ex-cit-ed! The countdown has been going on for months now, and the change from 2 year old to 3 year old seems like it’s going to be a big one for Colt. He’s fierce, and he’s fiesty, he’s so very funny, and he can be the absolute sweetest boy around, and Sunday he’s going to be celebrating big! 🤍

Colton’s very favorite things right now are his brother and sister (they get along so well and I know how fortunate I am), trains, construction trucks, Paw Patrol, getting as dirty as humanly possible, Lightning McQueen, being super loud, and making people (especially his brother and sister) laugh.

He wakes up and is 100mph from morning until night. It seems like he truly never gets tired. He can outlast his four year old brother any day of the week. He runs on little sleep and lots of energy. 🙂

My little man loves his family (particularly dad at the present moment) and his slew of stuffed animals. He loves them hard and he will tell you, he will show it, and he will make you feel it. His hugs are hard and they are long. He will hold your cheeks when he wants to give you a “good kiss” to make sure he gets you really good. He doesn’t always have time to slow down and give them, but when he does, you can feel it in your soul.

He’s creative, he’s funnier than any other 3 year old I’ve ever met, and he’s got an imagination that comes out of nowhere.

Colt used to be the one to always follow Jackson’s lead. Now I’m starting to see it as an equal match and they both take control of their moments. More times than I can count, I hear Colt say, “I have a good idea!” and it’s usually a really great one.

Three is going to bring some huge moments in Colt’s life. He PROMISES that he’s going to finally succumb to potty training when he turns three (we’ll see…🤨) and he’s off to preschool this upcoming school year. Up until this August, he will have never been away from me beyond spending a few days at his grandparent’s house. Him and I are buds, comrades, and pretty much inseparable (even though, again, his dad is by far his favorite right now 😏).

Colt is a boy of emotions. He loves hard, he fights hard, he feels hard. He goes 0 to 60 in no time flat and has a stubborn streak stronger than most, which can drive this mama up the wall sometimes. But as I sit here writing all about my baby boy, I can’t help but imagine how that fierceness is going to change the world someday. You’re going to get knocked down in life sometimes, Colton Jay, but he’s going to fight and claw and never let it keep him down. He can and he will rise above it all with his fight.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Colton Bear! Three looks just perfect on you! 💙

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