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Colton’s Paw Patrol 3rd Birthday

It was a weekend of lots of family and celebrating, of presents and cake, the zoo and lots of blue! Colton turned 3 years old Sunday (check out all about this 3 year old HERE!) and we celebrated big for his big day.

His 1st birthday party was all decked out with a basketball theme. Orange and black and all things basketball at our house!

For his 2nd birthday, we scaled down the party to just family and were all about his love of fire trucks.

**Birthday shirt details can be found HERE!**

This year, Colton has fallen hard and fast into a love affair with all things Paw Patrol, so I jumped at the chance to deck out our house, his presents, and his birthday shirt all things Paw-Paw-Paw-Paw Patrol!

The Etsy shop I ordered Coltons shirt from is no longer selling. 😯 Ill add the details if the shop ever goes live again! This is another great option that I loved!

Colt wanted to head to the zoo for his birthday, so we called in the entire Kemper family and off we went.

And since Mya girl was totally looking the wrong way, just one more. 🙂

It was a 90+ degree day in KC Sunday (and the day before…and the day before…and…) so we made it a morning thing. Almost all of our Kansas City Zoo is opened at this point. I noticed the only areas that were actually closed still were the indoor exhibits due to lack of social distancing you’re able to do inside. Other than that, we were free to roam, and roam we did! I think by the end of the zoo, we were each tallying upwards of 13,000-15,000 steps.

So we were sufficiently sweaty and tired, and headed back to our house for the birthday party. We had one Colton breakdown and a few Mya ones, but all in all, we survived a 12 person zoo trip. Already winning the day! 🙂

Gah, he’s cute! 😍

Colt was showered with gifts and handled it like a champ. Anyone else take a small sigh of relief when your child thanks each person for their present and doesn’t just rip one open after the next? It’s the worst fear to have your kid act like “a toddler who is so hyped up on the day and is getting so many new things, and cake, and ice cream, and all the attention they could ever want?” 😉 Birthdays are hard, so I’m thankful for those little victories like being gracious and appreciating what everyone has done for you.

On my last What’s Up Wednesday post, I shared that Jackson just learned how to ride his bike sans training wheels, and now Colton is ready to join him in the street with his new bike and helmet! The bike selections are slim pickings anymore due to COVID and everyone getting outside together, so I’m real thankful I was able to find a quality Huffy bike in his favorite color.

Bike // Amazon
Helmet // Target

I ordered Colt’s cake from our local Hy-Vee grocery store who I’ve worked with for many, many birthdays now. The bakery department is top-notch and I love how they take your ideas and make them even better. So easy to work with, priced so well, and always, always comes out looking incredible!

That is one happy little boy!

One happy little boy who is growing up way faster than I’m prepared for, and making me prouder by the day for who he is growing up to be.

Love you, sweet Colton, and happy birthday!

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