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Kid’s Bathroom Remodel

Hi again! I’ve been MIA, but I promise, it was all for a good reason. Last week I used all my naptimes and bedtimes and free times to work on those final touches of the kid’s bathroom remodel, and

If you’ve been following me for the last few months, I’ve been talking about this project for a looong time. I’ve wanted to tackle this space since we moved in, but it has always been moved further and further down my list of projects. We had gotten rid of all the wallpaper in our home…except for this space. We replaced every faucet in the house…except for this space. We updated, upgraded, and all around improved every room…except for this space.

We simply closed the door on this bathroom when people came over and essentially hid it from existence. Have a space like that in your house?

Until one sweet quarantine day, I decided enough was enough. It was finally time to take this kid’s bathroom to its full potential. But with the uncertainty of this economy and the pandemic, I wanted to make this a major DIY project. I wanted to take all the ideas I’ve pinned repeatedly on my Pinterest boards and put them to the test. I wasn’t going to make this a costly project. This was going to be as budget-friendly as possible and I did just that, coming in just under $250 for this whole space. And I had the chance to really put my skills to the test.

So memory lane time… This is where we started when we first toured the house September 2017.

What a little babe he was. 💙

A lot of blue, a lot of wallpaper, and a lot of cracked sinks mixed with 1980s. And after almost 3 years…nothing had been changed. We hadn’t touched a thing.

I’m excited to finally show you just what I’ve done with the space!!

Again, I spent under $250 for this space. A bulk of the materials were purchased through Habitat for Humanity Restore or DIY’d, and decor was mostly shopped around our house or purchased when it went on sale. I knew exactly what I was looking for and I had the patience in this project to be smart about my purchases.

Being a Type A person, I have a hard time not checking things off my list, moving on to the next thing. If I want to work on the bathroom, I’m going to work nonstop until I get it done and if it costs more, well, that just comes with the territory. This project was a lesson for me in patience, and I appreciated the process quite a bit more by just taking my time and making smart decisions and smart purchases.

Bathroom lights? Spray painted. Floor tiles? Stenciled with paint. Tub tile? Painted. I didn’t go to great lengths to completely update the space and make it a fun place for the kids. Clean, bright, and welcoming was the intent and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

In the coming days, I’ll share with you:

  • How I quickly and easily removed wallpaper
  • How I painted my shower and floor tiles
  • How I stenciled the floor tiles to look like expensive Moroccan porcelain tiles
  • Easy DIY mirror tutorial
  • Painting the bathroom vanity

But for now, I want to share all the pictures and just revel in this space a while longer. 🤍

It feels so good to be done, guys. I’m happy with the final result and the kids are loving a much prettier, upbeat, and bright space to be in. Jerod’s happy with the price breakdown. And I’m happy with making just one more area of our house feel more like our home.

xx Rach

Products Used in Bathroom Remodel:

Faucets: Amazon

Vanity Counter: Habitat for Humanity Restore (found for $10!!)

Vanity Paint Color: Valspar Juniper Breeze

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Eider White

Tile Color: Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Stencil Color: Behr Hailstorm Gray

Shower Curtain: Target

Bath Mat: Target

Wall Art, Basket, Grass, Towels, Wall Hooks: Home Goods

Wall Lights: Original to home – spray painted Matte Black

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