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Weekend at Lake of the Arbuckles

This past weekend was good for the soul, guys. A trip away from the house, together with my family. close friends, and a no-frills, laid-back, on the boat all day and drinks on the deck all night, kind of vacation.

The five Kemper’s loaded up on Thursday morning after breakfast and packed the car to it’s gills to head to Oklahoma City where our dear friends moved several years ago. We took a little breather at their house and then headed down to their family lake house at the Lake of the Arbuckles in south-central Oklahoma.

Their lake house sits on the shoreline of the lake, but it’s one of only a few that actually are. When the government flooded the area to create the lake years and years ago, their family had already owned the home and were just lucky enough to have the water come right to the edge of their property. No new homes can be built on the shore, no one can own a dock, and there aren’t any marinas to park your boats on the water. Yes, a huge pain to take your boat in and out of their garage stalls and into the water, but the natual landscape through the whole 36 miles of shoreline is absolutely stunning.

I mean…take me back already.

Between the two families, we had 5 kids under 5. Let me repeat that…we had 5 under 5 with us on this trip. #chaos, right?! Completely the opposite. We had 3 “big” kids aged just under 2, 3, and almost 5 that got along fabulously.

No one fought. No one hit, yelled, stole toys, ignored one another. Nothing. They got along so well, loved each other, treated each other well, and took care of one another.

I truly don’t think the kids could’ve handled the whole weekend better, and I’m so proud of every one of them.

Each morning, we’d make a homemade breakfast, do a quick clean-up, get our swimsuits on and pack alll the snacks and head for the boat.

It was a steady routine of boat…



And repeat! 🙂

The memories made this weekend were huge, and our hearts swelled just a little bigger spending so much time with friends who we adore so much. Lake of the Arbuckles, you were so, so good to us!

xx Rach

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