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I did my last Amazon Lately post months ago and since then, I’ve found some goodies that I needed (and probably more accurately, wanted) that have made a world of difference in my life for so many reasons. #gamechangers

From window cleaners to teaching how to tie shoes to a self-tanner that ACTUALLY works, I’ve got quite the Amazon haul for you today!

So here’s what we’ve had delivered to our front porch lately…

Kids Stuff

Hide & See Eye Patches

We’ve been patching Mya for about a month and a half now and we started with the pretty basic nude bandage-style patches that the ophthalmologist provided. They were fine, but why not cute it up just a bit more?

I loved these Hide & See patches because not only do they have five different colors and designs, but they fit and STAY really well.

Melissa & Doug Lacing Sneaker

If you know me well, you know that I’m a huge fan of most everything Melissa & Doug touches. They take kids toys to a level where they spark imagination and wonder far better than the more abrasive light-up toys that are more in your face in the toy aisles. I feel like my kids will not only play with their toys more, but they’ll also play longer with their toys and puzzles. Currently, Jacks in is his room having quiet time doing his 48-piece solar system puzzle for the 758th time. 🙂

This lacing sneaker has been a real game changer with teaching Jackson how to tie his shoes. The shoe is oversized with extra long laces that are easy to manipulate for tiny fingers. No knotting or slipping through fingers. It’s just the right size. Five minutes every day practicing with this lacing sneaker and we almost have it!

8-Piece Knife Set for Kids

Oh guys, you have no idea how much I love these knives!

With Jackson rounding the corner on turning five, I’ve been trying to instill more responsibility on him in and around the house. When we talk about things he could do more of around the house, he brought up that he could help me make dinner like “the kids on the cooking shows.”

*Top Chef, Jr…we love you so!*

I love being in the kitchen so having Jackson want to be right there with me was a happy mama moment for sure. I found this kid-safe knife set, and after reading so many amazing reviews, I purchased and we are all in love. Sharp enough for the boys to cut strawberries at lunch time, but not too sharp that they can hurt them. Dishwasher-safe, sturdy, and in all their favorite colors. We LOVE these!!

If you’ve got a Paw Patrol fan, these next two are for you!

Paw Patrol 12-Book Phonics Series

We’ve very slowly been incorporating a little more phonics into our day as Jackson is entering pre-K this year. Nothing is forced. Nothing is too structured. But we are slowly starting to talk more about letter sounds and how letters form words. And no better way to help reinforce that than with short and sweet books with his favorite Paw Patrol characters!

This set has 12 very short books that each focus on short and long vowel sounds. Each book takes one letter sound and tells a story using MANY examples of said sound. I love how the start of each book shows the list of words they use, a list of sight words included, and some specific Paw Patrol words that they can see prior to the first read. It also included some great teaching tips on how to best use the books. We’ve really love these!

Paw Patrol Electronic Reader and 8 Book Library

This was a Colton birthday gift that has been a HUGE hit with both boys!

Each book has a Paw Patrol character on the front of the book that corresponds with a picture on the reader. You push that character’s picture and then the reader will read your book aloud for you, including some silly sound effects and dings when it’s time to turn the page.

For my little ones that love to read but can’t read all on their own just yet, this has been an amazing addition to our quiet time and independent time activities! Colt learned how to use it right away on his 3rd birthday, so the 2-7 age range listed on the Amazon page is very accurate. Very easy to use!


The next three all go together and are all equally amazing to me! I’ve found an inexpensive body exfoliator that isn’t so course my hands go numb using it (if you know, you know!) and a tanning product that WORKS, that LASTS, and doesn’t SMELL! 🙂

Loving Tan 2 Hour Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

I’ve had A LOT of problems finding a tanning product that 1. Didn’t turn my skin orange. 2. Didn’t smell like a tanning product. 3. Wasn’t difficult to use. And 4. WORKED!

I think this product initially turned me off, even though it had great reviews, solely because I didn’t love the packaging. It looked very 1980s to me and I turned my nose to it. 😂

But oh, I was wrong! It hit all four of my necessities and I think I’m officially a Loving Tan fangirl! It takes seconds to apply to your whole body and lasts about 4 days for me. Even when it does start to fade, it fades evenly. You truly can’t tell that you’ve applied a tanner. Very natural and it blends so well with your skin tone. If you’re new to tanning products, I’d recommend going with the medium color as I did. It will allow for mistakes and not be so obvious until you get the hang of it.

Tanning Applicator Mitt

One of my problems for so long was that I didn’t know the right way to actually apply self-tanner. Anyone else? Using my hand, unevenly applying (because I was using said hand), and then ended up with streaked color over my body and uber dark hands. Then…TA-DA! A mitt! For $6, I snagged this tanning mitt that you squirt 2-3 pumps of your tanning mousse directly onto, and just begin rubbing on your skin. Better coverage and no orange-y hands.

It has a waterproof lining so no tanning lotion will seep into the glove, made of velvet so easy to get around all your nooks and crannies with a soft feel, and it’s made so durable so it can be easily washed and reused many times. I’m a big, big fan of this combination of mitt and tanning mousse!

Dove Body Polish

This is a new product through Dove and I wanted to give it a shot before I went for a much pricier version online. So glad I made that choice! There’s no need to find a pricier option. This one does the trick and makes your skin feel incredible! It doesn’t rip up your skin or make you feel like you’ve taken far too many layers off your body. It’s the perfect exfoliate to prep your skin for self-tanner, or even to just take that dry skin away and pamper yourself! For just $5, this is an AWESOME deal for how well it makes your skin feel.

Foot File and Foot Repair

I went to take a picture of this combination and then laughed thinking ‘nobody wants to see this!‘ 🙂 This is certainly not the most glamorous purchase of the year! I haven’t been to get a pedicure since 2019 and my feet were showing it. Then this little miracle combination appeared on my doorstep and I’m feeling so much more confident wearing summer sandals.

I exercise daily, I walk outside without shoes, and I rarely receive pedicures. Not the most ideal situation with my feet. This combination is doing wonders for my feet!

For the Home

Bathroom Faucet

When I remodeled the kid’s bathroom over the last few months, I found this bathroom faucet and fell in love with it’s design and finish. For $41, I completely changed the look of the vanity and have had zero issues with installation, drips, or overall functionality. I love how these added a classic touch and look far more pricey than what they are!

Window Cleaning Pack

I talked about these recently on a What’s Up Wednesday post and I’m still struck by how well they work! Two cloths come in this pack: first one to wet with water and rub on the window and second one is used to dry. Perfect, streak-free windows in less than 10 seconds…every.single.time. They’re machine washable, long-lasting and oh so powerful!

So there you have it, in all it’s randomness. Amazon, you’re one of a kind. I think you may be able to stay awhile. 🙂

xx Rachel

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