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True story: Jerod screenshot our credit card statement last week and asked me to verify the six Amazon purchases (in a row, mind you) because he thought our credit card had been stolen and they were racking up Amazon purchases. Well that was awkward when I had to tell him that, “Nope. Those were all me.” 🤦‍♀️

I can’t walk through Target. I have a really hard time online shopping clothing stores. I’m filling every.single.day with activities for our three kids. Amazon, thank you for being there for me. You’re perfect.

So here’s all the randomness of Amazon. Everything I’ve been buying and loving this past month that I can justify saying, “That’s a really good Amazon snag!”

For the Home

Rug Grippers // $13

When we did our remodel a couple years ago, I took out all the carpet and tile, and replaced it fully with hardwood floors around our main level. Then immediately went out and stocked our house with rugs. Love the softness of rugs under foot, don’t like the idea of someone slipping on them as they move around the slick hardwoods. I recently purchased these rug grippers and fell in love with them when I was able to actually clean them to improve their stickiness over time. Never have I found ones that weren’t good for only a small amount of time until they got dirty enough to lose their function.

Smart Plug TanTan WiFi Smart Outlets // $30 for 4

We’re slowly turning our home into a smart home. An idea I completely mocked when my brother was doing the same thing. But MAN, it’s so convenient! We have a Google Home and prior to heading off to bed, we simply say, “Hey Google, Turn off living room lights.” and walk upstairs… No walking around turning each light off. Saving ourselves probably only 20 seconds a night, but 20 seconds every single night when we just don’t have the energy to do one more thing. I love these and plan on getting more and more as we continue to “smart” up our house.

White Grout Pen // $9

When our contractor was giving our advice (whether I wanted to hear it or not), he warned against having white grout on the floor. I was stubborn. I didn’t want to hear his warnings that it turns a horrible yellow color over time.

Fast forward a couple years…my grout in our main level half bathroom is yellow. I found this grout pen that claims to whiten grout easily and had incredible reviews and I went for it.

The before and after pictures are 20 seconds apart from each other. Instant coverage and zero mess. I LOVE it!

3-Pack Collapsible Linen Storage Baskets // $23

I’m a little disappointed that they have changed the color of these since I purchased them, but I still love the light linen look of these 3-pack baskets.

I purchased these recently to finally get a little organization into my hallway linen closet. I don’t have a before photo of what I was working with, but this is certainly a MUCH better after photo. Still not Pinterest-worthy, but waaaayyy better than before! Thank you storage baskets! Three baskets later and I’m feeling a little more sane with the space.

For the Kids

2-Pack Water Guns // $15

A 2-pack is the name of the game with me anymore. Rarely can I purchase 1 of anything with my nuggets. But the best part of this set is there is no need to pull a trigger to shoot water out of these. With little 2-year old hands, a trigger can be a little difficult to maneuver. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of my boys learning so early on about a trigger. Something just rubs me the wrong way about that one. These squirt guns shoot water by sliding the white base of the water gun. Easy to do for even my 2-year old!

Little or big hands, these water guns have held up and have been a huge hit on the warm days around here!

Chicco QuickSeat Hook-On Chair // $70

Mya turned four months and our pediatrician said it was time to start trying out some real food with Little Mama. A mix of Woo-hoo! and a little Oh No! So exciting that she’s big enough to start doing such big kid things but also mixed with the dread of a huge bulky high chair in the kitchen. When I cook/bake, the kitchen is full of little ones. I rarely am in there alone, so the idea of bulking up the space with more things was so unappealing to me.

Enter this hook-on high chair!

Mya’s hooked right onto the island so it’s a smaller unit and she’s right there with us all the time. I love this seat so much for it’s space-saving feature but also for it’s ability to easily be secured safely. It’s so sturdy (holds up to 37 pounds) and so easy to assemble. I LOVE this chair!

And I love you, little mama 🤍

For Me

Silicone No-Tie Shoelaces // $8

I have white Converse shoes that I love during the spring and summer months, but I get so bothered by the laces. For one, they are really long and I feel like the loops are way too big for the shoe. And two, they seem to pull the shoe in some places because it’s just canvas on the sides. I didn’t like the look of it. When I saw these silicone shoelaces that you slip into the holes and avoid tying your shoes at all, I was all in. Solved all my problems and now I suddenly have a pair of slip-on Converse shoes without shelling out the money for a new pair!

Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick // $8

I raved about this purchase a couple weeks ago in my What’s Up Wednesday post, and I’m here to share it again. $8 for a professional-grade cleaning of your diamonds is exactly what I’m here for. All the time. That price and those results are not exaggerated.

They are beautiful and they made my ring shine!

Beth Moore “A Woman’s Heart – Bible Study” // Used for $13.50

I just started this bible study and I’m excited to really get going with it. I’ve tried several different studies before and I’ve been disappointed how they seem to just glance over details and stories instead of really teaching me parts of the Bible. I’m a very religious person, but I didn’t grow up being taught that way. My family was spiritual, and prior to my mom’s passing, she became extremely strong in her faith, but we weren’t “go to church every Sunday kind of people.” It wasn’t until I was in college that I chose a stronger path. So I didn’t have a Sunday school education or teacher’s that taught me the details. I need a Beth Moore in my life to guide me and teach me. These are 45-minutes, 5 days a week deep studies and I’ve already learned more from her Bible study in two weeks than I have through ANY of my others. I’ve officially become a Beth Moore fan!

So no joke, I’ve got three new products I’ve never tried before being delivered over the next week. A little beauty, a little lotion, a little window washing. 🙂 All the reasons I love Amazon and you may just have a new Amazon Lately post sooner than later. 🤍

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