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Small Half Bathroom Remodel

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been taking nesting to a new extreme. Think I’m subconsciously trying to control things when I know I’m going to be so out of control in just five months? Nah, that can’t be it. 🙂

I’m taking all those spaces that haven’t been touched since our remodel and I’m slowly and surely getting them decorated, I’ve had an endless open door of carpet installers and samples for our upstairs, and I’ve been working to print off family photos that I haven’t looked at in…ohhhh…8 months. Apparently I believe my free time is going to completely disappear when Baby #3 comes along! 🙂

My latest project has been tackling my half bathroom on the main level.

Since we finished construction in October, I’ve left this space undecorated and in its original state. It was finally time this weekend to get to it and add all the little details into this space to make it come alive!

Kansas City Neighborhoods Sign – Etsy

When I was doing my design plans for each of our main level spaces before construction, I knew I wanted to brighten this area. I wanted something that would stand out and make it just a little different. Since it was going to be about 4′ x 6′ in size, I decided the flooring is what needed to stand out. Something that when you opened the door, it would surprise and delight you. Something to totally pop.

I found this tile initially on after some brutal searching through 1,000s of tile choices. But once you find what you like, a quick Google search and you can find the very best prices from multiple retailers. Turns out, this exact same tile is over $2 cheaper a square foot on! Woohoo! Money saved and mama is so very happy!

Lesson here: Once you find something, don’t stop there. Find something beautiful and then search it again. Find it at multiple retailers and price shop it. Having it $2 less a square foot makes a big difference in a small half bath or a large kitchen space. Money back in your pocket is big no matter how big the size!

MSI Paloma Encaustic 8×8″ Glazed Porcelain Tile – Home Depot

I’m such a sucker for the natural wood look and love how I can mix metals and contrasting colors with the pieces. I can truly decorate this space with any color or tone, and the wood will only accentuate it. I snagged this 24″ Round Mirror from Target (only $45!) and 24″ Wood Plank Ledge from Michaels (currently priced at $20!). I thought about trying for multiple shelves, a larger mirror, etc. etc.. But in the end, I want this space to be simple and useful. I don’t need more shelves to fill with loads of decor. I have everything I need for a half bath right here. So my decision is to keep the walls clear and the space open.

I wanted timeless fixtures that would brighten the space and give subtle farmhouse details, so I went with the Andante LED Industrial 3-Light Sconce from Amazon and Heritage Centerset Faucet from Wayfair. I have several mixed metal looks around the house, but overall, I still go for a polished chrome look 90% of the time. It’s so classic in my eyes.

**If a different metal is more your style, the light does also come in brushed nickel and an antique brass and black that are beautiful, too! Oh, and if you don’t like the 3-lights, it comes in a version with only 1 or 2 lights, as well!**

24″ Wood Ledge –
Bath Toiletries – — Check out Why I love Grove Collaborative here!
Hand Towels, Washcloths, and Decor – Home Goods finds

Want to know where it all started? Prior to the renovation, we had blue star wallpaper, seashell-shaped sink, a vanity that had doors that didn’t touch (speaking of this…NONE of our vanities in this fixer upper have doors that meet each other in the middle. Was this a thing at one point in time?), and a bald eagle towel hook.

And that sweet little patriotic towel hook was located DIRECTLY off the kitchen. See the garbage can right here on the right bottom of the picture? That was just to the right of the bathroom door. When guests would exit our half bathroom, they would walk directly into our kitchen/breakfast nook area, which always made it a little awkward as we gather most times right there in that space. No one wants to go to the bathroom right beside everyone. I just had to move it’s location, even if it was just the door.

Want to know just how far our kitchen came? Check out my Dream Kitchen Reveal post for all the details!

When construction began, the plan was sparked to relocate the half bathroom out of the kitchen to open the kitchen more, as well as push it away from that space a bit. Where our previous coat closet was in our entryway became our bathroom. We pushed back the back wall and used the same door as our entrance to our brand new half bathroom.

The space is small, but it is exactly what we need and I love how it’s come together. The contrasting floors, the natural wood, and the small farmhouse details. I just love our sweet little half bath!

Now on to finishing our front room remodel for the kids! The nesting continues…🙂


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