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Grove Collaborative – You Just HAVE to Try It Out!!

I may have no less than 7 calendar appointment on my phone telling me when to cancel my “7 Day Free Trial” or “3 Months Free” from everything to Apple Music to Young Explorers VIP Membership to our local newspaper. I’m a huge sucker for grabbing up a freebie when it’s offered, and rarely do I end up keeping it after the trial period is up. Why would I really want to keep Starz when I just binge watched every movie I’m interested in these last seven days?! 🙂

Recently, I had a flyer come in the mail for a company called Grove Collaborative. The offer was for a 60-day (WHOA! You don’t ever seem to get SIXTY days!) VIP Trial of their auto-ship products FOR FREE. On the flyer was a beautiful picture of Mrs. Meyers products all lined up. Products that I love and buy all the time. I had to do more digging…

Grove Collaborative is a customizable auto-ship program using only all-natural cleaning, beauty, and personal care items. Their goal is to make buying all-natural products convenient for you. After your first order, you customize a recurring auto-shipment tailored right to your exact needs. And all products are backed by their Grove seal of approval: healthy, effective, eco-friendly and affordable.

And the products are amazing! Method and Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, probiotics, toothpaste, all-natural baby lotions, bubble baths, and diapers, pet stain and odor cleaners, men’s deodorant, and so, so, so much more! I was shocked at the sheer amount of products this site offers…and all name brand, tested and awarded, products.

Remember how I’ve made a switch in my home from candles to essential oils and have been working towards making cleaner choices in the new year? Grove Collaborative has their own line of essential oils and blends ready to ship out to you at some AMAZING prices! Buy your own “Sleep” blend for $15 compared to Young Living’s $30 blends. Plus they offer rollers and carrier oils, too.

Speaking of price. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this auto-ship program. The offer I’ll give you at the bottom of this post gives you a 60-day VIP trial with the minimum purchase of $20. Included with that trial is a whole slew of freebies (totaling up to just under $50 of products!)

Here’s what you get for FREE:

  • Seedling by Grove Tree-Free Paper Towel (2 Pack)
  • Glass Spray Bottle + All Purpose Concentrate 
  • Grove Co. Cleaning Caddy
  • Grove Co. Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Set of 2
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap
  • Seedling by Grove Tree-Free Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue
  • Free 60-day VIP Trial
  • Free shipping

I spent my $20 minimum on a 3-pack of wool dryer balls and an adorable pot scrubber and dish. Two things I needed/wanted and was about to spend on Amazon as it was.

In 30 days I’ll get an email with my next auto-ship that I can choose to fulfill for FREE SHIPPING or I can postpone my order, or cancel altogether. There’s no hook. There was no “give your credit card information and you’ll have to call customer service and be on hold for 47 minutes” hook. You get an email and you can decide to go ahead and do another order and get it shipped for free…or you’re done.

The VIP Trial allows you to keep getting free shipping. If, at the end of the 60 days, you decide that you don’t want to spend the $19.99 to keep getting free shipping, then you can keep getting your monthly auto-ship for a $2.99 shipping fee. And that is $2.99 regardless of how LARGE your order can be. It’s always a flat $2.99.

I love this concept. I love everything about its convenience and its shipping costs. I love that my products are all-natural and safe. I love that my box is eco-friendly and packaged properly. I love that I can customize so easily. I love that if I forget to cancel my VIP trial, I have a week past my deadline to email them and say “whoops” and get my money refunded. 🙂

And I love that I cost compared with Target for the bulk of their products. Guess what? Most of the products I want to put in my auto-ship were upwards of $1-$2 LESS than Target and about $.50 less than what I can get with my Amazon Subscribe & Save. Those dollars and cents add up QUICK.

I’m so happy I researched this company and found all the positives I did. I’m a Grove Collaborative user from now on and I’d love for you to join me!

For a limited time, go to the website: and get all the amazing goodies I received above!

If you miss the code, you can get 5-PIECE FREEBIE on me using the referral code:

Share with me all your favorite goodies and new finds! I can’t wait to see what you discover!


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