What’s Up Wednesday {7.30.2019}

I haven’t done a What’s Up Wednesday in awhile, so today’s a perfect day to link up with Shay at MixandMatchMama and share what we’re up to on this Wednesday…and hint hint…2 tiny feet constantly kicking me are one of them. 🙂

What We’re Eating This Week

I’ve been on a massive sandwich kick lately. Some days I really do think I’m serving my family some sort of bread products for every. single. meal. What wives tale tells you what gender carb overload points to? Because it’s that gender. Calling it now.

One of my go-to sandwiches that I’m craving about every single week is Spoon Fork Bacon’s (what an amazing blog name, by the way!) Honey Hot Chicken Sandwich. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, decadent but not heavy. The sauce poured over the chicken is absolute perfection and I may or may not dip carrots into the leftover sauce every time I make it. 😉

I’m going to show you a picture of these sandwiches and then I need you to drop everything and go check it out. And then oogle all their other goodies on their site. They are perfect. And I will be making their Marshmallow Stuffed Smores Cookie this weekend…and eating them all myself. 🙂

Photo by Spoon Fork Bacon

What I’m Loving

This is one of those sit down and listen kind of moments. I’ve loved products before. I’ve been pretty obsessed with others. This one has completely, 100% changed my life.

The Billie Razors.

I thought that I was buying a great razor and getting a great shave. I spent about $15-16 dollars a month on refills for my Venus razor and I was going about my business thinking it was good.

Then I tried the BIllie razor and realized I had actually just been shaving my legs with a butter knife all these years. 🙂 I have NEVER had a closer shave or one that kept me from shaving EVERY DAY.

Let me give you the details. Go to their site at and take their quick quiz asking you about frequency of shaving. They calculate how often you require refills and get you your razor, refills, and shower holder for $9!! Every month, I now get refills sent to me for $9. NINE DOLLARS?!

And it is paraben and sulfate free. Made with charcoal soap. No fragrance. Made with natural ingredients. And not tested on animals. Plus, you can cancel anytime.

Try it. You MUST!! It’s a life-changing product that I stand by and endorse fifteen times over to you!

What We’ve Been Up To

Doing absolutely nothing, but everything all at the same time. The boys and I are constantly going and doing, but never have any big plans. It’s the perfect summer of calm and crazy that I’m soaking up and loving every minute of.

What I’m Working On

Just last week, I really took charge of styling our main level half bathroom. Check out how we went from a bald eagle and mismatched cabinet doors to this little gem…

Next up, I’m working to finish our front room space that I’ve turned into a creative space for the boys.

Not a playroom…all that mess is down in our basement. But more a place where they can draw, paint, read, lounge, and create something beautiful. I have just a small wall that I want to add photos and a new chair to and then it’s going to be checked off the list!

What I’m Watching/Reading

I finished reading the book Educated by Tara Westover and I’m still reeling from that story.

Educated by Tara Westover – Amazon

What a well-written biography of a rise-up from a wretched environment growing up. The stories are almost so crazy you don’t want to believe a family can be so dismissive of safety and well-being of their children. She’s an incredible woman who battled and won through some tough odds. Wild story that will have you wanting to just find out how she survives it all! Loved this read!

What I’m Listening To

Guys, I tried a podcast for the first time.

And I hated it.

What am I missing here? What should I be listening to? So far…not my thing.

What I’m Wearing

This home girl is juuuuussst about out of all regular clothes at this point, so I’m doing a little maternity shopping here and there to pick up some pieces to make it through. Since it’s the end of the season, I snagged some really good deals at Destination Maternity’s clearance racks this past weekend.

But for a good pair of leggings, I went online to buy ones that had better reviews and I knew would last through the fall and winter. I see two upcoming seasons of….black leggings and sweaters. 🙂

Me. Every single day starting September 1st. 🙂

I heard great things about the Zella Maternity leggings, but they only have them in cropped right on Nordstrom. So I picked these up online today and will update on how they handle the day-to-day…to-day…I plan on wearing them!

Beyond the Bump Maternity Leggings – Destination Maternity

What I’m Doing This Weekend

It’s the last weekend of baseball for Jackson and Coach Kemper so we are going to celebrate with a fun little morning after practice and our game.

Maybe some donuts and train stations in the plans after the game. 🙂

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Week

The time is finally here! Tuesday, we are finding out what Baby #3’s gender is!!

We have our sonogram early Tuesday morning and regular appointment right after, but we won’t actually find out the gender there. For each of the kids, I’ve had them put the gender in an envelope for us, then we head home, cook a great dinner/go out to eat and open it there together. I’m pretty sure my reaction would be something I don’t want anyone else but Jerod to see, so better to just do the opening and revealing by ourselves. 🙂

Big news coming to you soon!!

What Else is New

Not thinking about Back to School, but simultaneously wishing it was fall and football season and all the crock pot recipes. 🙂

That’s what I’m doing on this What’s Up Wednesday!


  • rawsonjl

    Sounds like a fun summer! We never found out the genders of our babies UNTIL #3; he was quite the surprise in and of himself so I really wanted to know and be able to plan. Congrats on baby #3. 🙂

    • growingupkemper

      Thanks so much!! When one of my girlfriends found out she was pregnant with her third and was a little scared, her mom told her, “Don’t worry! All third babies are surprises!” ☺️ Enjoy the rest of the summer with your little ones!

    • growingupkemper

      Isn’t that the truth?! I try to wear something darling but I always regret it immediately. We are going through a lot with our bodies changing. This is the time for comfort! ☺️

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