How to Make Cheap Garland Look Expensive

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s the most expensive time of the year. I started to decorate our house last weekend and apparently I grow new rooms and places to decorate because I’m always going out and buying more decorations year after year. Did I not have anything on my coffee table last year?! Then I made the mistake of listing out everyone I need to buy presents for this year. Yikes… Okay, things are adding up right before my eyes.

Oh, and add in that we are all hosting our very own holidays this year because of #covid. Now I need to buy all that food, too?! Nope, Chinese takeout for Christmas dinner! *kidding….kind of*

So where can I cut corners and cut costs? With some DIY projects that can take cheap decorations from any store you shop regularly, and make it into something that looks far more expensive than it really is. Add the magic, add the elegance, add the warmth of this holiday season without seriously breaking the bank!

**Helpful Hint Alert**

When you’re dealing with fluffing garland or artificial trees, always use latex or rubber gloves. With the cold, dry air of the season teamed up with overuse of hand sanitizer and hand soap, our poor hands have a lot working against them. Be kind to your hands and avoid the irritating scrapes, cuts, and irritation with a good set of latex gloves.

Now for the fun stuff!

Let’s take this cheap $5 garland

Into something absolutely stunning!

I created an easy to follow video tutorial! I’ve never done a video before but I felt like this was the very best time to start is when I can show you exactly how EASY this project is…and the best part, I added the fullness and elegance for FREE! No better project than that!

So grab your latex gloves and let’s make something beautiful, magical, elegant, and CHEAP this holiday season!


Garland (purchased last year): Similar garland here

White lights

White globe lights

Wood beaded garland

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