Pops of Red for Christmas

Today isn’t a post to overwhelm you with new Christmas decor that you just HAVE to buy. Today’s an inspiration post. Because that’s what I want you to find when you come to Growing Up Kemper. I want you to find ideas that you can use in your homes, to find inspiration in my thoughts, and something to spark a little creativity in your own life.

Lately, my Instagram and Pinterest feeds have been bombarded with absolutely stunning homes that are decorated with the prettiest neutrals. I become infatuated with that color palette and Pin away at all those gorgeous images. But then I realize, I don’t own much Christmas decor in that color palette. My Christmas decorations are keepsakes from my late mother, parts and pieces that I’ve purchased each year for decades now, and items that I’ve diy’d over the years. My color palette that I consistently purchase to add to my home? Red. *GASPS*

I love the warmth that comes with the richness of a Christmas red. No other time of the year do I ever incorporate that color, but come Christmas, that’s all I want in my home. Yes, I adore the neutrals and light and airy Christmas photos on my feed, but I need to remember what makes me happy, what makes our home warm, and what we have. I don’t need to spend a full mortgage payment to replicate what’s on trend. Instead, I’ll stick with my nostalgic, warm reds this Christmas.

So come along with me and see what I’ve done to my home this year and how I’ve incorporated all the pieces that make me happy. If you want a link I don’t provide, reach out and I’d be happy to share. But for the most part, just enjoy a little red motivation in an overwhelmingly neutral world.

A huge buffalo check table cloth covers my 9′ x 4′ island and brings a huge pop to a bright white kitchen this year. Teamed up with a pretty way to display my napkins and twinkle lights on the tree, I love having a large focal point in the middle of my very white kitchen. Instant warmth.

I folded the tablecloth in half to avoid hanging down over my dishwasher and the kid’s table settings. I avoid a lot of washing this way!

Moving into the living room is where I have the most pops of red. I feel like around a cozy fireplace and among the white walls and ceiling, it brightens the space and takes away a little of the stark contrast of green against white.

If you missed it, I did a full post with how-to video on how to take cheap garland and make it look expensive. Still holding up so well!

Almost everything on my shelves belonged to my late mother and I have the fondest memories of them from my childhood. The nostalgia that comes with decorating with special pieces like this add so much to a space and makes it mean more than just what is on trend.

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Dogs need stockings, too! 🙂

Our downstairs tree is decorated with the bulk of ornaments that our children have made or have been gifted to us over the years. Our upstairs tree has more of the glass ornaments and ones that are so prized to us as a family: wedding, first house key, kid’s handprints from their first Christmas, and these two driftwood ornaments.

When my parents passed away, they both had determined they wanted to be cremated and scattered together in their favorite spot in Jekyll Island, Georgia. When the three kids traveled down there for that extremely emotional trip, Jerod and I stopped in a gift shop and saw those two angel ornaments together right by the front door. I saw my parents in those angels and they’ve topped our tree every year since.

Here’s to decorating with what brings you the most joy this holiday season. In a time that so much is expected of us, let’s stop and reflect on what truly makes you feel calm, cozy, and happy…and do just that.

In a world full of neutral, enjoy the red. 💖

xx Rachel

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