10 Simple Christmas Decor DIYs

We are fully in it. I mean, In. It. According to our letterboard, we have “15 More Big Sleeps Until Christmas.” Each day it ticks away, the more I want time to just slow down so we can enjoy this season as long as we can. I’m a huge fan of all holiday “eves” so before this hectic, beautiful season slips through my fingers, I’m trying to be fully, FULLY in the moment.

I love the little moments and the lasting memories we as a family are already making this holiday season, and trust me, I live for those. I mean, I live for those. But I also love doing something that brings me personal joy this season, too. Not the joy that family memories stir. I’m talking about a moment to be creative and make something during a quiet time alone. To be lost in my thoughts and centered on something a little more meaningful. Making something during this busy season of rushing, buying, and more, more, more always calms me. It slows me down, allows me to think beyond gift guides and perfection, and makes me appreciate the beauty of this time of year.

I just recently did a Christmas Home Tour post where I shared how I add bright pops of red throughout my home to bring a little brightness, warmth and personality to my rooms. Today I want to show you how I personally made some of those pops. Not by spending a bunch of money, but armed with a creative spirit and a can or two of spray paint (because my life motto should truly be, “If you don’t like it, spray paint it”).

Here are 10 super simple DIY projects in my home that you can easily do to add a little comfort and warmth to your house, and help you calm your mind amid an absolute crazy time of the year.

1. Spray Paint Initial in Festive Color

Years ago, I made a spring front door wreath with a large wooden “K” in the center. It was a quick buy in the wood section at Hobby Lobby and I spray painted it the prettiest robin egg blue to match the pretty spring floral. Then I stopped using the wreath and our “K” sat in our excess decor closet ever since.

Nab a can of spray paint in your favorite festive color (think reds, greens, golds, silvers, or whites) and simply spray the letter to add a little something extra to a wreath, a book shelf, or stick it in a basket along your hearth like I have. I love this burgundy color that is a subtle pop of red! Bonus points if you find a great color from another project in your garage!

2. Add Natural Beauty to Your Garland

I shared a how-to video recently in my post How to Make Cheap Garland Look Expensive on how you can add real greenery from your backyard, your friend’s house, or local park, and add a beautiful layer to a flimsy $5 garland. This takes less than an hour to make something not only pop, but make your home smell incredible!

3. Cover Books with Festive Scrapbook Paper

On my bookshelves and in several baskets around my house, I use old books as part of my decor. I found all of those said old books at thrift stores. I just spend a little time lifting the front covers to see what beautiful colors the bindings are and end up with an armful each excursion out. Typically, I change out my books based on the season to get just the color scheme I’m looking for.

Around Christmastime, I take some of the books and actually cover them with a fun scrapbook paper to add a little something extra to my shelves. To do these two covered books, I went to Michael’s and bought two sheets of this red chevron pattern.

To measure, open your book’s front and back cover and lay it fully open on a table. Measure from the edge of the back cover to the edge of the front cover, plus add 4 additional inches for the paper to fold over to secure in the inside covers. Then measure the height of your book. Cut out your measurements and secure the paper by folding the paper like a book cover and tape with scotch tape in the inside flaps.

4. Personalized Stocking Tags

There are some wonderful and whimsical stocking tags on the market right now, but I’ve simplified it and made it a little more cost-efficient by taking a tag and peel and stick letters. This time of year, you can find gorgeous oversized cardstock gift tags that would look stunning hanging alongside your stocking. Tie them up with ribbon or twine like I did then pick an oversized letter sticker from your favorite craft store to finish it off.

5. NOEL Letters

Remember that burgundy spray paint from the wooden initial in number 1? Let’s use it again to make this NOEL that’s sitting on my bookcase shelves. I purchased the letter N, E, and L from Hobby Lobby and used leftover spray paint from past projects. I did a very neutral off-white, a subtle grey, and the burgundy from before. For the ‘O’ I took a gold berry stem that I typically stick in my Christmas tree and bent it into the circle shape. Michael’s carries a beautiful gold coiled garland that is already in the perfect shape, also. Because of the wire, it holds its shape really well and doesn’t slip apart.

You could easily hang this or simply rest it on your mantle or shelves like I do. I like the imperfection of this but you could straighten them and fix them to be just how you like them.

6. Fireplace Twinkle Lights

I have what some might call an irrational fear of fires. I’m vigilant with cleaning out my dryer lint, am a little wild about wick length in a candle, and I will never, ever have a real fire in our fireplaces in our home. So instead of getting cozy by the fireplace like the dreamy scenes we all know and love, I enlist the help of twinkle lights to set the ambiance. I had two extra gold twinkle lights in my decor, so I weaved them around our logs in the fireplace and it adds just a sweet little light and magic to our fireplace. And according to the boys, they are going to be extremely helpful when the Big Guy needs to find his way down the chimney. ❤

7. Twinkle Lights EVERYWHERE!

Okay, maybe number 7 is a little cheating, but I do love to add just a little bit of twinkle to any ‘ol spot around the house. On my kitchen island, I have this 2’ pine that is the main focal point. Why leave it just as is? Add a simple strand of twinkle lights and it’s a charming, warm addition to the tabletop. These gold curtain fairy lights are from Target and are in stock online at $15.

8. DIY Chalkboard Art

One of my larger DIY projects was this chalkboard hymn I made a couple years ago. I saw a sign similar priced out for almost $100 and I fell in love, but couldn’t justify spending that amount. But if they could make this sign, so could I, right?

I found a great gold frame at my local thrift store and spray painted it white. At Hobby Lobby, I found a 32″ x 40″ black matte board for $12 (always wait for the sale to knock it down to $6!) and purchased a white paint pen in the thickness that I was most comfortable controlling.

I lightly sketched a design on the black matte board with pencil first, and then traced over with my paint pen.

It’s not perfect, it’s not as great as the $100 version online, but I still love this so much and it always makes me smile when I pull it out at Christmas. See a sign you love online? Have a favorite Christmas hymn? Make it into a sign!

**Wouldn’t “The Weary World Rejoices” be the absolute perfect sign for this year? So valid right now it’s making me want to make a new one!**

9. Pom Pom Garland to Add a Little Dimension and FUN to Your Decor

Places around my house that seems to just be missing something extra, I add varying pom pom garlands.

Weave them into your baskets or trays…

With your holiday floral…

And even hanging off some of your pieces on your wall.

It’s something fun to add and super easy!

10. Homemade Swags to Add to the Back of Your Chairs

The last DIY in my home that I’m sharing today takes place right back in my kitchen. We have 5 tall wooden chairs around our island that have a perfect back to tie up a pretty homemade swag for little effort and little money.

For these, I took to Michael’s and found winter greenery stems that looked good together. I bundled them in the store, swapping out stems until I found exactly what looked right to me.

When I got home, I bundled the stems together and used wire to wrap them together. Then I cut the stems down to the measurement that worked well for our chairs. I ended up leaving about 4″ of excess stem to hang like this on my chairs. Finally, I wrapped a long piece of red twine around the back of my chair and hooked it through the stems to secure it. You could also use a beautiful ribbon to secure, hang boxwood or Christmas wreaths, or choose a myriad of things to add a little beauty to your kitchen chairs!

Take a little time for yourself, for your sanity, and for your creative spirit this year. Have fun and happy DIY’ing!

xx Rachel

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