End of Bed Benches: To Buy or To DIY?

Where have I been the last week and a half, you ask? Pricing and tagging over 300 baby/kid items to sell in an upcoming KC Consignment sale *cue nostalgia, a few tears, and a lot of sighs of relief* If you’re local, Rhea Lana is having their Spring/Summer Consignment sale in KC and yours truly is all in on this one. My hope is to sell enough to make quite the sizeable budget for an upcoming One Room Challenge space I can’t wait to remodel!

So now that the pricing and tagging is finally coming to an end, I’m diving straight into a DIY project this week that has been a long time coming!

My husband found a coffee table on Craigslist years ago that he thought I could do something with someday. Today’s that day, love. Today is the day.

This week, I’m transforming a $10 Craigslist find into an updated upholstered bench for the base of our master bed.

Total cost for me: $30!!

I’ll show you the complete finished project by the end of the week and walk you through exactly how I transformed a coffee table into an upholstered bench. But in the meantime, let’s look at some of the beautiful bedroom benches on the market today. Ones that may inspire you to make something beautiful yourself. Ones that spark ideas about a DIY. Or ones that we just plain fall in love with that just couldn’t get more perfect than they already are.

Here’s a slew of my very favorites on the market today:

Click on image below to be taken directly to the product.

Have a little time to create a DIY? Let’s get to work this week with my end of bedroom bench reveal. Looking for the perfect one to be delivered right to your door? I hope you found your new favorite one today!

xx Rachel

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