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Spring Front Porch and Outdoor Decor Round-Up

It happened! Spring. Is. Here. After a whole weekend of being outside, doing projects, and playing in the sunshine, I now firmly believe that spring is my absolute favorite season (until I say that again when it clicks over to fall). All my landscape is popping up, adding the most beautiful colors to our home. And with no freezing temperatures in sight, it was time to add a few more gorgeous spring colors to our front porch.

I wanted to take my very neutral pots (the 3 white pots were all from Home Goods, metal olive bucket planters linked HERE) and add bright yellows, whites, and purples.

To add height to my pots, I purchased 3-bulb daffodils pots from Lowe’s garden area for $1.98 each. After this season, I’ll let these die off and then store them to be planted in the ground in the fall. **Tip: Wait until the leaves fully die off before cutting them back to store. The bulbs need to build extra energy from the dying leaves to be successful the next year.**

My other height came from white Snapdragons, all surrounded by beautiful pansies. All of these flowers will be able to take even a light frost that will more than likely still hit KC in the coming weeks, and last well into the warm weather months when I’ll switch them out.

These flowers make the perfect compliment to our brand new layered rug and doormat. Did you catch my rundown of my absolute Favorite Layered Doormats on the market right now?

The looks of taking a patterned, bright outdoor rug and topping it with a pretty doormat is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to keep your curb appeal up and your front porch put together for guests. The contrast in colors and textures add a touch of character to your space that you can really have fun with.

I fell in love with the lemon ‘hello’ doormat from Kirkland’s, and snagging it at under $10 with a coupon was a great bonus. Originally, I thought I would like the neutral checkered rug underneath but later feared it would look too washed out against my neutral palette and white house. It was time to bring in more color!

I purchased the identical rug in the blue plaid and it is fantastic! Bright color, large size (I purchased in the 3’x5′ size), the perfect accent to my doormat and my color palette on the porch. I’m so pleased with how well it all came together!

Now my porch is bright, welcoming, and boosting my curb appeal with small additions and a weekend digging in the dirt. Happy Spring, everyone!

xx Rachel

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