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3 SIMPLE 4th of July Desserts

Every year I have dreams of baking a pie a la Martha Stewart to take to our family’s annual 4th of July party. Bursting with sweet cherries, dusted with sugar, adorned with an American flag or at least perfectly cut out stars. Then I realize I have never successfully baked a pie and I have zero time, so I stick to my Plan B.

Three SIMPLE desserts that will have everyone grabbing, snacking, and feeling so very patriotic for the holidays!

First up, a really good snack mix that uses 4 ingredients found in each and every grocery store this time of year.


Mini pretzels

Red, white, and blue M&Ms

Mini marshmallows

Twizzler Nibs (or you could purchase regular Twizzlers and cut into small pieces)


Mix equal parts of each ingredient in a festive 4th of July dish, white bowl, or any old thing you have in your kitchen and watch it quickly get gobbled up!

Next up, one of my kid’s very favorite patriotic desserts: An ice cream sandwich gently dipped in red, white, and blue sprinkles! Such a simple, cute dessert that takes near zero prep time and is always a crowd pleaser.


Ice Cream Sandwiches

Red, white and blue sprinkles – most grocery stores and Michael’s carries these during the summer months


Pour sprinkles in a shallow dish or plate. Unwrap ice cream sandwich and gently dip each side in sprinkles until covered. Serve immediately!

And finally, a simple 4th of July dessert or party treat using just three ingredients. It’s my red, white, and blue skewers! Keep it simple, make a fun pattern, or let your guests even make these themselves. Everyone loves the powdered donuts and the fruit just makes you feel like you’re finally ingesting something healthy. 😉


Powdered donuts or donut holes




Assemble ingredients in fun patterns on a wooden skewer and arrange on a festive platter. Or simply set out ingredients along with wooden skewers and let your family and friends use their creativity in assembling them!

One day maybe that pie will make it to our family 4th, but for now, I’ll stick to these simple classics that never disappoint and never take away time having fun with the ones I love. Happy 4th, everyone!

xx Rachel

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