Back to School Traditions + Recap

My sweet Jackson Cruz went off and did big kid things this week. We officially have a kindergartener in our house!

He was so ready. He couldn’t wait for school to start. He couldn’t wait to put on his uniform. He couldn’t wait to meet his teacher, meet new friends, and just get this thing going.

Me? Oh yeah, all the big emotions and big feelings came from me. I’ve been home with him since he was 8 months old. Every day. Every night. Every activity, every emotion, absolutely everything was together. Then suddenly, *poof* he’s off to school for eight hours a day and living this life away from me. Whoa. A whole new chapter in his book and I realize that I wasn’t all that prepared for it. This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart.

But I made it through the first day (mind you, just a half day) and I’m now into his first full day away. He came home excited with so many stories and a smile on his face, complaining about how little play time he had and just how much “work time” he was expected to do. He loves his teacher, he loves his classroom, and he genuinely is excited to be at school.

I’m so proud of him for his assertiveness, his love of learning, and his bravery during big times and small. He’s going to change and grow in so many ways this year and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

He’s grown so much and I’m forever proud of this boy!

Every year since the boys started preschool, I’ve been doing the same traditions for them for their first day of school.

The day before, I ask the kids questions about their upcoming school year. It’s always a great time to focus in on their teacher’s name and help them learn that before the first day. Seems simple, but it’s amazing how many times I’m about to drop my kids off and they say “Hey you…” to their teacher. Whoops! Lesson learned!

This year, I asked Jackson:

  • Teacher’s Name
  • Grade and School Name
  • Favorite Color
  • 3 Favorite Things
  • What I Want to Be When I Grow Up
  • What I’m Most Excited to Learn
  • What I Can’t Wait For

Then I take a wood letter from Hobby Lobby (purchased the first year he went to preschool and repainted each year since!) and spray paint it with black chalkboard spray paint. Using my chalk markers, I decorate the large letter with all his information.

When they wake up for their first day of school, it’s on their breakfast seat waiting for them! They love seeing it for the first time and it makes it a little more fun to take pictures with.

Breakfast is always the same thing: Mini Pancake Stacks made just how they like them!

Nothing fancy here. We’re talking pancakes from a pre-made box of Bisquick, but it always makes them smile a little more seeing them miniature and stacked high on their plates. And in my mind, pancakes to fix any first day jitters!

After breakfast, clothes on, and about to head out the door, we take pictures with our letter before venturing out.

It’s never anything too exciting. It’s not too much work. It’s always just enough to make the morning special and put a smile on their face before heading out on their new adventure.

Now one of these days, I’m going to get myself organized enough to do a Back to School gift for their teachers. Listen, this year wasn’t one of those years. But just you wait and see. By the time Mya is a kindergartener, I’m going to be nailing those teacher gifts! 😉

Check out Crisp Collective‘s adorable ideas from 2020! She’s such a creative soul and I love seeing the great ideas she comes up with time after time.

Happy Back to School, everyone! Here’s to a great year full of growth, success, and plenty of smiles!

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