Halloween Home Tour (And How to Do It in Your House This Week!)

It’s so good to be back! Between little ones being sick and me wearing myself a little thin in the process, I just never seemed to find the time to share some of the happenings around the Kemper house this past week. I love this space so much, and when I can’t fit time in to share ideas or projects, I feel a little “off” and like I’m missing something in my day. I’m so happy to be writing again. This is always so much fun!

So in full Growing Up Kemper fashion, I’m going to show you how I decorated my house and share all the ways, the how-tos, and all the links for you to EASILY add a little spook factor to your house, too. And good news: Most of it has been Amazon finds that can be at your doorstep by tomorrow night!

If you’re following along on Instagram today, I’m sharing a great project that I saw Liz on Within the Grove do last week and I’ve been so excited to try myself. If you don’t follow me yet, COME ON OVER! And if you aren’t following Liz at Within the Grove, do it ASAP! She’s adorable, creative, and does amazing projects with the best step by step directions. I adore her!

If you miss my project rundown today, I’ll add it to my Highlights for you to watch another day. Spoiler alert: It’s absolutely incredible, just the right amount of spooky, and my kids LOVE IT! It’s a DIY Witches Cauldron that was so fun for the kids and I to do together. We purchased a $15 black plastic pot from Home Depot, along with a few cans of spray paint and spray insulation, and snagged some orange lights and misters from Amazon and created one of the coolest witch’s cauldrons I’ve ever seen. We count down the hours until the sun goes down for maximum spookiness.

And our main man, Sammy, loves getting in on the action, too.

Speaking of Instagram, I shared this little witchy view on my Stories last week and I don’t think I’ve ever had more DMs come in on how I did this little hallway.

Some cheap witches hats, battery operated candles, fishing line, and tiny command hooks! Bonus: The candles come with a remote so you can program these to run for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, or you can turn them on/off with just a push of a button!

To create this, I weave the fishing line through the very tip of the witches hats using a needle and then tie it together at the desired length and hang through the Command hook. As for the candles, I tied the fishing line in a knot around the “flame” and then tied it at the desired length before hooking it on the hooks on the ceiling. Even though our ceiling is textured, these mini Command hooks work perfectly to hold anything below 2 pounds. This has been up for weeks and still holding strong!

To add subtle Halloween fun around so many places around the house, just snag an inexpensive bag of spider webbing at a Target, Walmart, Michael’s or Amazon and it will be enough to basically wrap your entire house in it. I love to stick to a few doorways, mirrors, bookcase shelves, and cabinets to string them through. I also love them because they can hook on any corner or strategically placed under books to minimize any need for taping or added securing.

And because I love spooky season, I snagged two 5 foot spiders to hook on the spider webs on my living room bookcases just for fun. You could buy a bag of plastic spiders from the dollar section, but go big or go home, right?

Another inexpensive, fun addition is to place bats going up the walls around your house. This year, I have them climbing the wall in our front room and love how they look up the ceiling, as well.

To make the outside flow with the inside, I included a little spooky fun for the neighborhood kids by hanging witches hats from branches in my front tree. Some a little higher, some just the right height to stand under and become a little witch yourself. 🙂 Same way to hang these as I did in my house: Use a needle to push the fishing line through the top of the hat, tie together at your desired length, and then I just hooked it over my low hanging branches around my tree.

And the front porch has the perfect contrast of the white exterior paint and the black bats climbing up the door frame. *Important to note: We live in the Midwest with 90 degree days just last weekend, over 2″ of rain on Monday, and wind, well…every single day. I’ve lost one bat off the side of the house that I collected in the bushes. The package I use and will link below has small pieces of double sided tape that holds so well and still comes off easily at the end of the Halloween season. Don’t worry about weather. These bats are resilient!

I love Halloween, I love the colors, I love the fun that comes with it. But I really love that it’s a holiday that even a few pieces can make an entire house more exciting, and it costs next to nothing to do it. Have fun doing a little decorating over the next two weeks. It will definitely bring a little spooky and a lot of smiles to your home!


Spider Webbing // 5 Foot Spider // 5 Foot Posable Skeleton // 60-Piece PVC Bats // 6-Pack Battery-Powered Remote Controlled Candles // 8-Piece Witches Hats

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