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Best Leather Couches on the Market

When we did our main level remodel in 2018, our oversized cream sectional no longer worked in the space for the living room and had to be moved down to our basement. With the wall being taken out, the sectional would hamper the ability to walk to the front sitting room to the left.

With so many decisions to make on the entire main level during the remodel, I was overwhelmed and a little frazzled when I now had to find a new couch, as well. It was a quick trip to the furniture store, snagged a sofa that seemed to fit the space, and I was on my way home. No research, no overthinking. I just bought. You probably already know how this one turned out…

3.5 years later, we have an awful couch in our living room. Like, it’s bad. You fall into it, struggle to get out, have zero support, and the cushions are pilling everywhere. My children love pulling out my fabric shaver to “shave the couch” on a regular basis. You know something isn’t good when you have to shave the fabric, right? It truly was a terrible purchase.

It’s time. It’s been time for about 3 years now, but let’s just say it’s officially time now to go out and find the best couch for our space and replace this hunk of junk.

And from everything I’ve read, researched, sat in, and talked over, I’m going leather. I’m really doing it!

My main level lets in so much natural light during the day. We have two bay windows along the south side of our house that keep sun streaming in from morning until night. Team that up with our whitewashed fireplace, Snowbound ceiling, trimwork, and woodwork in our living room, and our Repose Grey walls (full rundown of our colors HERE), we have a very light base. As I’m working towards revamping our living room and sitting room areas this year, I’m going to bring in more dramatic colors to bring a little more warmth and comfort to an overall crisp, clean, and bright background.

The warmth of a cognac leather couch will do just that. It will tie in the browns and the wood of our fireplace shelving, wooden accents, and furniture pieces while still keeping our space neutral. It will also be a perfect match to any color we choose when it’s time to buy accent chairs for our two sitting rooms.

And leather is just so durable. We have three kids and two dogs that can USE a couch. Although leather is so easily tied to expense and luxury, it’s actually far more durable to wear and tear than upholstered furniture. And if you buy quality (which is my main focus considering what we’re dealing with now!), it’s going to be able to be cleaned quickly and easily, scratches can be buffed out, and it will hold its value far longer than the upholstered counterparts.

So I’ve spent my due diligence scouring the Internet to find my perfect piece and I’m here to share the wealth with you! I’ve reviewed and read, researched and questioned, and I’m bringing to you the TWELVE most highly sought after and highly reviewed leather couches on the market today!

1.Pimlico Top Grain Leather Sofa // 2. Article Burrard // 3. Burrow Block Nomad Leather Sofa // 4. West Elm Zander // 5. Article Sven // 6. Cassel 81” Square Arm Sofa // 7. Poly and Bark Essex Sofa // 8. Article Timber // 9. Poly and Bark Sorrento // 10. Crate & Barrel Lounge Leather Sofa // 11. Turner Roll Arm Leather Sofa // 12. Cococo Chesterfield

And what couch did I choose, you ask? I’m going with #9…Poly and Bark’s Sorrento Sofa! The reviews for this sofa are off the charts, as well as the quality of this company. Not only are the customer service reviews glowing, but they offer free shipping, easy assembly, and 100 days to try it and return (for free) if you don’t like it. It’s a full-grain, pure-aniline leather which makes it the softest leather on the market, as well as one that can be buffed if scratches appear and age gracefully over time. It’s some of the most beautiful leather on the market, and at just under $2,000, it’s priced far better than most!

Here’s to finding your perfect couch in 2022!

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