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Affordable Neutral Accent Chairs

The hunt for great furniture pieces continues this weekend as I sort through hundreds (thousands? Feels like thousands…) of accent chairs that will make the perfect neutral balance to our new leather couch. *If you missed what we’re buying, check out the Best Leather Couches on the Market post where I break down so many great leather couch finds.*

From where we are now…

To what I’m dreaming of…

In our main living room, I want a deep cognac-colored leather couch and two beautiful neutral accent chairs along our bay window. I’m going to be adding several fun accent colors to the room and I’d like to keep the furniture toned down. Plus, our sitting room/reading room/homework room/jack of all trades room to the left will have some great colorful chairs in there to really make the room inviting.

So again, my want for something new means that I do the hard work of scouring and share all the goodies with YOU. I’m breaking down 12 of the BEST Affordable Neutral Accent Chairs out there. I hope you can find something that speaks to you, too!

1 Melody Rattan Chair // 2 Roll Arm Doria Upholstered Chair // 3 Elroy Accent Chair with Wood Legs // 4 Murtagh 25.2” Wide Tufted Velvet Armchair // 5 Park Valley Ladder Back Wood Arm Accent Chair // 6 Queer Eye Fabry Lounge Chair // 7 Madison Park Sunnee Accent Chair // 8 Centennial 25” Wide Armchair // 9 Esme 24.8” Wide Armchair // 10 Mayhall 26.4” Wide Armchair // 11 Isla 27.5” Wide Armchair // 12 Hofstetter 28.5” Wide Armchair

As always, I hope you find inspiration in what I bring to you. Here’s to me doing the hard part! Have a great weekend!

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