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New Series! What I’m Gardening This Week

Anyone else in total disbelief that we made it through the winter? Well, at least the two worst months that I consider torturous “winter.” January and February. Done. Check. Moving on, homies! I love the months to lay low, to cozy in tight, and enjoy your home and what you have before you. But there is something about the need for green right when March comes rolling around that gets me saying “peace out” to February and “Come herrree, March!”

So with March starting on Friday, it’s time to look ahead at the growing season and getting your mind wrapped around what you’d like to take on this year. It’s time to decide how much you’d like to dig in the dirt, how much you want to save by growing your own produce, and how much you want to spend outside seeing massive gains through your hands (think I’m trying to sway you just a tad?! 😉) Oh! And don’t forget all the amazing positives of getting your kids out in your garden!

5 Tips to Get Your Kids in the Garden TODAY!

But I realize to start a garden, maintain it, and actually get your money’s worth, it takes so much planning and preparation. So much upkeep and care. And when I started, I flew blind and had horrendous luck every season. It wasn’t until I did the research and learned from others that I started to see results, so I realize what is needed to actually make it work.

That’s where my new series comes in. I’m excited to do the legwork for you and share everything you need to know…one week at a time. Nothing overwhelming. All simplified to help you get started, make it work, and really enjoy getting outside and growing on your own!

Every Monday, I want to share with you what I’m going to be doing that week in my garden. Whether that be what and where I’m buying seeds, what I’m planting, when, and how, or how I’m fertilizing and watering to get my plants through the season. I want to break it down to help you (and help myself!) stay organized through the growing season and reap the most rewards. And hopefully, we can share our favorite tips and tricks that we learn along the way!

Week One: Make a Plan and Buy Your Seed Supplies

So are you ready? Let’s start small and just sit back and visualize this week.

What is it that you want to grow? Do you want to start small with containers, go bigger with a garden bed, or tackle it right along with me and do a little larger? What do you buy every single week at the grocery store or at the farmers market? What vegetable or herb do you find yourself using consistently in your recipes?

This week it is time to make a list of the vegetables and herbs you’d like to grow this season. Take in account the space you have available to grow, the amount of sunlight your space has on a given day, and how much time and effort you have over the next few months.

My tips for you are this:

  • Space: Seeds and seedlings are typically planted anywhere from 8″-18″ inches apart – when you’re deciding what you are able to grow, take a rough measurement of your space and do a little math to decide what you are able to do.
  • Sunlight: If you eat the leaves, you need less sun (~3hours). If you eat what the plant produces, you need more sun (~6-8 hours).
  • Your Own Time: I had Colton in June, with a 20 month old already in tow. I went into that season thinking that I totally had it covered and I could do a large garden, add in some flowers, and plants, and I was going to rock it. I’m sure you could guess what happened to my beloved plants. Nothing survived, we got no produce that year, and I wasted a ton of money! If you have a busy year ahead, pare it down. Don’t do more than you can handle. We’ve got enough in our lives. Start small and do more each year.

Now that you have a list, get out to your favorite garden center, to Wal-Mart, to Target, or order online at some of the top seed sites like or Baker Creek Heirloom out of Missouri.

My gardening buddy helping me out again this year ❤

Pick out your seats and sit tight. We still have a few weeks to go before any seeds need to be planted so make your plan and choose your favorites. You’ve got time! 🙂

What are you wanting to plant this year? Send me some of your favorite produce and herbs you’re thinking of growing!

xx Rachel


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