2nd Trimester Bumpdate

Today I hit 26 weeks with Baby Kemper #3!! According to about 50% of the Internet, the end of this week marks the close of the second trimester. The other 50% say it goes through the 27th week, but who really wants to follow that line of thinking? That just sounds like the worst! 🙂 And if we are planning to induce at 39 weeks, then I’m already 27 weeks, right?!

Just nod your head yes.

To celebrate the last week of the second trimester, I wanted to take a breath and actually reflect back on these last few months and talk about how it went for me and for sweet baby girl.

How Am I Feeling?

This trimester, I’ve been feeling wonderful. Like I kind of really love being pregnant…during this trimester. I’m over the nausea that struck for about two weeks from week 6-8. I lost all the headaches I was getting through the entire first 12 weeks. And the overall sense of tiredness started fading away. On top of that, having my bump actually form into a bump and not just be a “Is she just gaining weight?” kind of situation is great for my confidence, too. 🙂

I am still able to do my early 5am workout classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and actually survive the rest of the day and still be a good mama to the boys. I know the day is coming when I won’t be able to have my alarm go off at 4:15. I won’t be able to squeeze myself into my workout tank tops anymore. And I just won’t be able to do much of anything when I’m there. With Jackson, I made it through 38 weeks. With Colton, I made it through 37.5.

Having this healthy, strong pregnancy with Baby Girl is priority #1, and if continuing my exercise routine as long as I can, then I’m going to do what my body and what baby tells me is right.


Hey sugar, I love you.

Like a LOT.

Baby girl has me craving sweets at all times of the day. Cookie after breakfast? Yep. Pumpkin bread with my afternoon decaf? You betcha. Bedtime snack of sugary cereal? 100.

Funny thing is, the only other craving I have are salads. Talk about balance, right? I’m loving leafy romaine, tomatoes by the handfuls, and everything topped with beets. Gosh I love beets right now. 🙂

Biggest Highlight

Jerod and I were so back and forth whether we were done with just two kids or were going to try for a third. Yes, this sweet babe was a bit of a surprise, but I like to say that God simply made that decision for us easily.

But since this little girl is going to be our last, I’m taking moments to just be thankful and appreciative of my body for its strength, for a healthy pregnancy, and for the opportunity to do this one more time. I get to grow and develop another baby. I get to feel the kicks and rolls. I get to hear the heartbeat. And yes, I even get to feel whale-sized and uncomfortable. But you know what? It won’t ever happen again so I’m taking every second of this with love and appreciation for what is before me.

Truly, this pregnancy alone is my biggest highlight.

I love the way the kids rest right on baby bump. 💛

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge this trimester may have actually been when I had to do an OUTDOOR black tie event at 6 months pregnant.

Maternity Dress – Asos
Heels – DSW

Not ideal to find clothes. Not ideal to wear heels. Not ideal to be 6 months pregnant and be outside in KC heat for more than…ohhh…15 minutes.


If you’ve followed this blog for more than 2 months, you’ve know that I’ve been full bore on nesting around these parts. Not only is it the season of decorating, but I’ve also been taking on all sorts of home projects in preparation for an apparent sabbatical from all things home once baby comes.

The nursery is well on its way with some projects that will be complete over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that reveal soon! If you missed the nursery closet, you get a little sneak peek at what I’m doing in that space.

Beyond that, it’s been a slew of Playroom Remodels, Half Bathroom finishes, and DIY projects. Jerod scraped popcorn ceilings upstairs, we got carpet installed, and we are slowly moving lights into the kid’s closets and changing out outlets from beige to white.

You know, just little things here and there. 😉

Baby Products I’m Shopping For

Since this is number three, there is very little that I’m having to purchase for our little girl. We have two cribs sitting in basement storage, our car seat is still valid, all the toys, swings, bottles, and bibs are in great condition. So it’s really been about clothes lately. I’ve come to realize we really went blue with the boys and need to go a little more neutral and girly for number three. Plus, it’s amazing how few clothes we have that are still in good condition. Going through two boys sure does do a number on a pair of pants.

One purchase I’ve been debating between is the Snuggle Me Organic and a Dock a Tot.

I never had something like that with the boys but I love the concept behind them. Anyone have any advice or love one more than the other??

So that’s how I’m doing as this trimester reaches its end. I can’t wait to check back in at week 30 and have a whole slew of different feelings then. 🙂 But for now, I’m going to say PEACE OUT, SECOND TRIMESTER! Bring on the third!!

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