February Cleaning and Organization Challenge

In November, I shared with you a 30-day cleaning challenge that I was completing prior to all the holiday hoopla and Mya being born. It was one simple, small task each day for 30 days that ends up with a massive result around your home. Instead of looking at just all you have you do to get a cleaner living space, it broke it down into manageable parts. 15 minutes a day to get a major outcome. Simple!

But now with a steady stream of visitors coming to see sweet Mya, the absolute craziness of the holidays, the snowstorms that have brought in plenty of dirt and plenty of snow gear through the whole house, and just the busyness of the time of year, we’re back to being in some serious disarray.

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, right? But I have a better idea. Let’s save those beautiful March days for something much more fun than spring cleaning. Let’s save those days for the planting season, for baseball season, for sunshine season.

Instead, I want to do my spring cleaning and organizing now. In February. When the days are still too short and too cold to be outside for long.


Let’s get through the dreary days with cleaner spaces that will start to brighten your house from the inside out!

So start with me this Saturday. Print off the calendar, stick it somewhere that will keep you accountable, and spend just 15 minutes each day completing the cleaning or organization task. They’re simple and will get your house back in shape before that beautiful month of March rolls around!

February Cleaning and Organization Calendar

Happy End of Winter Cleaning! 🙂

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