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What’s Up Wednesday {9.30.2020}

Happy Almost October to you! Today’s all about just what the Kemper crew has been up to this past month and what we have to come, so here’s just what we have going on this fall Wednesday!

What We’ve Been Eating

On Monday, I shared my latest Monthly Meal Plan for October. You can find all the recipes here at Meal Ideas for October. It’s a rundown of meals I’ve scheduled and can’t wait to make this month. Think simple, think soups and chilis, and think all things comfort foods.

What I’m Reminiscing About

With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costumes for my three little ones. This is the first year the boys don’t want me making any part of their costumes for them. They just wanted to buy something off the rack (and by rack, I mean Amazon 😉). Bah. So unoriginal, so cheaply made, but I get it. How could you not want to nab your favorite character that’s so proudly hanging in the Target aisles?!

So let me reminisce about the costumes of Halloween past as I plan and plot Mya’s costume this year, and every year forward because she’s never going to be allowed to tell me no. 🙂

Jackson’s First Halloween, he was a piece of candy corn.

Candy Corn hat – Etsy
Orange Ripple Wrap – Amazon

Second year, he was a Missouri Tiger’s football coach.

Colton’s first Halloween, we were in Florida for vacation so we just stuck with these cute tees.

Mama is My Boo Onesie – Etsy
All the Ghouls Love Me tee – Etsy

The next year, Colton was a bear and Jackson was Thomas the Train’s engineer. I never ended up doing the Thomas the Train DIY post, but I got all the ideas from this post HERE!

Panda Bear Costume – Amazon
Mama Bear Hooded Tee – Amazon
Adult Bear Ears headband – Amazon
Thomas the Train DIY
Engineer Overalls – Kohl’s (SOLD OUT) – great alternative HERE!
Train Engineer Hat – Amazon

And last year, Jackson was Buddy from Dinosaur Train and Colton was a fireman.

Buddy from Dinosaur Train costume – Amazon
Personalized Fireman Tee – Etsy

I have a full tutorial of Colt’s fire truck DIY from a diaper box.

So simple and the boys will STILL play with that truck!

What I’m Loving

Every speck of normalcy that we are slowly getting back into our lives. Jackson has been playing soccer twice a week and Colton starts his soccer league today, they’re both going to school a few days a week, and we have more and more places opening for the fall season. I loved the slow season, but I also love seeing the joy on my children’s faces when they are out playing with kids again, going on adventures again, and just exploring the world around us again. We’re smart and we’re safe, but we are also enjoying the world around us. I love every part of that.

What We’ve Been Up To

My oldest turned 5 last week!

I wrote all about my sweet Jackson Cruz turning five last week, and his birthday party sure matched the big excitement that day. He had a classroom birthday party where Colton and I came in with cookies, drinks, and his favorite book to read…

Paw Patrol Birthday Shirt – Etsy

His grandparents came down to pumpkin patch with us…

we went out to dinner at his favorite restaurant right by the train tracks and then home for cake and oh so many birthday presents because…#grandparents. 🤍

What I’m Dreading

It’s not in October, but boy is Mya’s Eye Update on my mind. November 11th, you’re haunting me.

What I’m Working On

Next week I’m going to share a full rundown of how The Home Edit on Netflix completely transformed my kitchen pantry.

I’ll share all the horribly embarrassing pantry photos for an unbelievable after. The process, the products, and how I’m feeling about the change coming at you next week!

What I’m Excited For

This. Every Day of This.

What I’m Watching and Reading

We just finished the second season of Succession on HBO and I just LOVED that show! I didn’t think I’d have as much interest in it as it is about a large corporation in New York City built from the ground up by a bull dog of a man, Logan Roy, and the family of CEOs that are all vying to take over their father’s company when he steps down. Business, and especially at the executive level, are sometimes so far over my head. Mergers, revenue, the …., it’s all just not my style. But I gave it a shot and boy was I hooked. So. well. done! Now if only they can finish filming season 3 by the end of the year, I can watch the next season this time next. year. 😒

My September book review is coming to you TOMORROW! But if you miss this…

Check it out HERE! And you can catch all my book reviews from 202 HERE.

What I’m (They’re!) Wearing

I’m going to change this one up because honestly, I just haven’t started to fall shop for myself just yet. Little mix of focusing on the kids and still wanting to shave off a few more Mya baby weight before I start to snag some new clothes. I’d more like to see just what I’m working with first. 😉

This week, I got a few cute fall kid’s finds and I wanted to share them with you today.

First, how precious is this ‘Cutest Pumpkin’ outfit from Target?!

And then the kids all had their Halloween shirts delivered this week. To be able to still dress them alike makes all my mama heart beam in all directions.

Matching Ghost Tees and Onesie – Etsy

What I’m Doing This Weekend

Finally decorating for Halloween! My oldest made a big fit that we can’t decorate for Halloween until October actually starts. Oh buddy…if only you knew when I would be ready to decorate for Christmas…

I’ll share some of my favorite Halloween finds with you next week! Here are some of my favorites from last season (and so many are marked down right now!)

Favorite Halloween Finds

The bats were my absolute favorites last year!

What Else is New

The sun is shining, there’s a chill in the air, and Hocus Pocus in on the TV. I don’t think life could truly be better than it is right now. Be thankful, be gracious, and enjoy your October, everyone!

xx Rachel


  • rawsonjl

    So many cute costumes! I was so sad when my boys began picking their own store bought costumes but completely understood why they wanted to also. And honestly they looked just as cute!

    • growingupkemper

      Thanks so much! Isn’t that so funny! I feel the same way. They look darling regardless if I spent hours on something…or we nab it last minute off the rack! 🙂 Whatever makes them feel special and they love, I’m all for it!

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