One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge – Week SIX!!

Well, I did warn you. Week six was going to be a struggle to see any material progress happening on the laundry room. Between taking a flight with my littlest to see family in Pennsylvania for four days to my youngest boy celebrating his fourth birthday this week, I knew the progress would look dismal compared to previous weeks.

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But sometimes there’s a lot of work to be done that requires more thought, more planning, more preparing, and more learning before I can jump in with both feet. And seeing as though this is my first time using most power tools, I may need to watch a few more YouTube videos than most.

So this week was a little outward progress, a whole lot of learning and planning.

Outward Progress: I finally got the tile wall COMPLETE! Before this week, I had the full tiles up but didn’t make any of the cuts for the edges and corners. Here’s where we sat last week.

That meant that it was time to pull out the wet saw again and get to work. *Reminder: Follow along with my Instagram and Instagram stories to catch more day by day progress*

After the cuts were made, the grout was spread, and the disappointment set in. The grout color “Avalanche” took on more of a yellow tone with my beveled white subway tile. With my Alabaster walls and the white tiles on the floor and wall, I need it to be as white as possible. I don’t need the color to be the statement here. I want the dimension of the bevel and the shine of the polished tile to add to the space and make it appear larger. The color needs to remain muted and neutral.

So after grouting the wall, it was time to scrape it and try again. Little hiccup. An extra night of work. But the results were so worth it! This time around, I used the grout color “White”…maybe I should have just stuck with what I knew would work. 🙂

Now it’s time to buckle down and make some massive progress this week. You heard it. MASSIVE progress. With this list left to tackle, I have some major goals for this week and I am bound and determined to make it happen.

Goals for Week SEVEN:

  • Paint crown moulding
  • Cut and install crown moulding
  • Paint ceiling trimwork
  • Cut and install ceiling trimwork
  • Install cabinet hardware
  • Cut and install door frames and baseboards
  • Install utility sink

It’s a lot but I’ve got my mind set on getting almost all the woodworking DONE this week and moving on to add all the pretty details that will make this laundry room a beautiful piece of our home.

So here we go! Week Seven. Let’s do this!

And follow along with all the other participants in the One Room Challenge. You amaze and inspire me every single day and I love following along with you!

xx Rachel

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