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Love is in the air! Do you feel it? Or are you more the type that everyday should be like Valentine’s? Or maybe you think no days should be like Valentine’s Day…and that’s okay, too. Because really, sometimes it just boils down to it being February and there is literally nothing else to do but get a little festive, spread a little love and kindness, and make it through until March.

Maybe that describes me more than I’d like to admit now that it’s all typed out in front of me…

But my kids are having fun making snacks, decorating Valentine’s for their friends, and making our house a little more RED this month, so I’ll jump right in with them and make it a time to have fun together!

Today I’m sharing some simple, kid-friendly Valentine’s treats to make with minimal ingredients or prep time and shareable and creative Valentine’s ideas for your kids classroom parties.

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know holidays=food in my world. So let’s kick things off with THREE very simple, no fuss, no muss, easy treats you can make FOR your kids or WITH your kids…just depends on how sweaty and anxious you want to make yourself (because we all know kids in the kitchen can be stressful!) 🙂

Valentine’s Day Rolo Pretzel Bites

Such a simple treat that takes only a few ingredients: pretzels, Rolos, Valentine’s M&Ms, and sprinkles if you want to make them extra fun. So simple, ridiculously addicting, and the kids love to help! Find all the ingredients and directions HERE!

Valentine’s Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a great way to bring some Valentine’s Day fun to your kid’s lunch boxes. They’ll love the little treat and it’s always been my way to celebrate the week with the kids while they’re away during the day. For all the yummy details, check it out HERE!

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Popcorn

I shared a photo on my Instagram stories last week and the verdict was in…you all wanted to get in on this popcorn masterpiece! Beware: This one can be addicting!

For classroom parties this year, the kids are passing out Valentine’s and my oldest needs to bring a box for his cards. Some years the boys want to roam the aisles of Target and nab their favorite sports or cartoon characters, and some years they let me get a little creative for them. This year, I lucked out and they asked for something specific that you can’t buy in the stores. They won’t always be excited for these things, so I’ll take advantage while I can.

Football Jersey Valentine’s Box

We love our KC Chiefs and are so proud of their season this year. Yes, we would have loved to STILL be cheering them on this weekend, but we’ll be back next year…you’ll see! 🙂 Jackson has become such a fan of the sport and especially of Patrick Mahomes, so I wanted to make him a box that showed his love of all things football. Not a Chiefs fan? Just switch out the colors for your favorite team! Not a football fan but a baseball or soccer fan instead? Switch it up! This is a fun idea for any type of jersey!

I took an old Amazon box and cut out the top of the “jersey” first. Then I covered the sides with red construction paper. To make the shape of the jersey, I bought two sheets of red posterboard, placed the box down, and drew out the outline of the jersey a little wider than the box. Cut it out, glue it onto the box, and decorate with your favorite teams colors and numbers. I had leftover vinyl numbers from a T-shirt I made Colton so I glued those numbers on, but they can easily be drawn or printed and glued on. For the sleeve color, I had two different colors of electrical tape, the white slightly wider than the yellow. For the patches, I did a quick Google search for “NFL jersey patches,” added them to a Word document and then printed and glued them on.

Kansas City Chiefs Valentine’s

For his Valentine’s this year, we found these really fun cards on Etsy (Thanks, Midwest Marigold!) and printed them out for his class. He signed his name and we added Hershey bars to the back with washi tape. Done and done!

Hot Wheels Car Valentine’s

Colton is VERY into Hot Wheel right now, so no better time than to share the wealth with friends at school. We’re “Wheel-y Glad We’re Friends” and are sharing a little treat bag of a Hot Wheels car and some Starburst heart jellybeans. Read all the details about when I made these for Jackson’s classs a few years ago HERE.

I Choo Choose You, Valentine!

Calling on train lovers! This was a fun one we did a few years ago that we just loved! A free printable can be found on the post HERE along with links to a package of Amazon mini trains that can be at your door in a day or two!

I hope you got some inspiration and you spread a little extra love today!

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