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Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Avocado Salsa

I’m such a huge taco person.  Like the kind of person that would choose a taco if she had “just one meal to choose the rest of her life” kind of taco person.  And when it comes to a good taco recipe, I feel like it’s alllll about the toppings.  I thought I found recipes with the perfect marinade or just the right combo of ingredients, and then it totally falls flat because there isn’t enough flavor in the toppings.  Then this gem was created and I’m oh so in love!  The perfect shrimp marinade partnered with flavorful, fresh toppings makes this taco recipe such a gem.

Try this and you just might become a taco person, too. 🙂


Shrimp Marinade:

1 Tbsp olive olive

1/2 t chili powder

1/4 t ground cumin

1/4 t salt

1/2 t garlic powder

1 t lime juice

1/2 lb raw shrimp, peeled and deveined

Avocado Salsa:

2 ripe avocados, diced

1/4 c diced red onion

1/2 jalapeno, seeded and diced

3 T chopped cilantro

2 T lime juice

1 T olive oil

1/2 t garlic, minced

Salt and pepper

Additional Ingredients

Wooden skewers

8- 6″ flour tortillas

Feta cheese

Chopped red cabbage


  • Add all the ingredients together for the avocado salsa.  The salt and pepper should be added to taste.  Keep in your refrigerator to chill until ready to serve.
  • Preheat grill to medium heat.
  • As the grill is heating, mix all ingredients for the shrimp marinade.  Toss together with your shrimp until well coated.  Let it sit and absorb until the grill is ready.
  • Run water over your wooden skewers to prevent a burn on the grill.  Thread shrimp on your wooden skewers and place on heated grill.  Grill only 2-3 minutes on each side, or until shrimp is opaque.
  • Fill tortillas with 3 shrimp, avocado salsa, chopped red cabbage.  Top with feta cheese and enjoy!

Served below with Mexican Street Corn and lime wedges.


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