One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge – Week SEVEN!

One week to go. One week!! It’s time to make this room shine with all the beautiful finishes, final touches, and the parts and pieces that pull it all together. I can see the end in sight and it’s a little equal parts thrilling and terrifying to think a reveal is only days away. But that also means you are going to get the very bare minimum on content today. I can’t share all the details because it’s going to mean you get way too many clues as to what the final project will look like.

And believe me, this one will be worth the wait!

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This past week I’ve spent many hours hunched over a miter saw cutting crown moulding for the first time in my life. And by first time in my life, I mean…1. I’ve never used a miter saw in my life and 2. I’ve never handled crown moulding. So imagine my surprise when I actually did it. This week, I installed crown moulding…by myself…all around the room! And remember how our room has a slanted wall? Yeah, I crown moulded that one, too.

These inexpensive wood cabinets I purchased from Lowe’s that hung lower than our ceiling are now looking custom using a strip of crown moulding. Even better? I scoured my local Habitat for Humanity Restore and purchased 12′ long pieces of crown moulding for $6 each. If I would have purchased them at a big box location, we would be talking more like $30-$50 per piece for a solid, architectural moulding like this one. When it comes to projects (and especially now during a lumber shortage), it’s so very important to invest the time searching for deals at places like the Restore, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, Craigslist, etc. Neighbors may be getting rid of extra cabinets for free, lumber may be sitting on the side of the road, or bricks could be purchased for a small price. Plan, search, and save some major cash.

Now remember how I spent much of the week cutting moulding and trim pieces? Doing major woodwork and challenging myself every step of the way? I had more confidence in that than I did putting on cabinet hardware. I couldn’t do it. I sat and I stewed, and I couldn’t bite the bullet. I knew it was one shot and if I didn’t get it right, there went all my work on these cabinets. So for the smallest of projects, I asked for help.

Thanks for saving me, babe! 🙂

Other progress made this week? Baseboards cut (not installed yet), lighting and utility sink installed, trimwork and edges caulked, and door frame trim pieces purchased.

So now here we are. We’re entering the final week. The championship. The Super Bowl. The grand finale. And I cannot wait to share all the beautiful details this time next week! Check back on Growing Up Kemper and on my Instagram to see how this laundry room has been transformed into a beautiful space that is functional and oh, so pretty.

And don’t forget to see how all the amazing DIYers participating in the One Room Challenge have progressed through these last seven weeks. You’re doing great! Let’s finish strong!!

xx Rachel

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